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'Making America Stupid Again': Outrage Over Forbidden 7 Words You Can't Say at Trump's CDC

'Making America Stupid Again': Outrage Over Forbidden 7 Words You Can't Say at Trump's CDC

Jon Queally, staff writer

The existence of a list of reportedly banned words—including "vulnerable," "entitlement," "diversity," "transgender," "fetus," "evidence-based" and "science-based"—was described by Sen. Kamala Harris as "downright ridiculous."


This is not normal. It is very far from normal.


We’re a sinking theocratic oligarchy, with morons at the helm.


Thank Gawd they didn’t censor “faith-based”.


In the vernacular from this weeks election, an evidence based finding would term this “shit for brains”


Future forbidden words? Theocratic oligarchy and expletive moron!


This was one of the tactics of the Harper government; the federal science civil servants were not allowed to speak to the public. Let’s see whether the 'Mercans have the cohones to throw the bums out, just like we did.


Soon to surpass 1984 as an Amazon best seller:. The Trumpspeak Guide, published by the Ministry of Truth. (minitrue)


If anyone doubted that Trump is a fascist and the Republican Party is now supporting a fascist president in the White House doubt no more. This is stuff from Nazi Germany and the USSR. It should have no place in the United States. Given that there is strong evidence that Putin got Trump elected I guess we should not be too surprised. Hillary Clinton called Trump a puppet of Putin and I think she got it right.


This is unadulterated Censorship. And we are just at the beginning…


Trump is the face of fascism.
The face of the “War on Women” and minorities.

All of these words are inconvenient for the Elite/corporations who
have a strangle-hold on our nation and who profit from cheap labor
supplied by women and minorities.

And who most of all profit from secrecy and the ability to keep the
public uninformed.


Are you a Hillary puppet?


Actually, during the Nixon administration they were studying Nazi
propaganda in the basement of the White House.
See: High Treason I by Livinstone and Grodin

And after that time you saw GOP reciting only canned arguments …
in fact, if I recall correctly there were actually tapes being circulated
to Congressional members as to what their replies that day should be.

After the coup on JFK – and of course this fascism comes into play
with organized patriarchal religion, especially in regard to the Vatican/
RCC, it’s “Crusades” and “The Inquisition” which took hold of nations
and their people and forced them to believe in and support the church …

LBJ was the representative of the coup – likely one of the masterminds of
it along with Allan Dulles and the CIA – other high ups were hidden …
such as H. L. Hunt one of the wealthiest men in the world.

The government was then handed off to Nixon who was also involved in
the coup on JFK. Notice what happened with Vietnam after each was
elected. LBJ cancelled JFK’s orders to withdraw troops and enlarged the war.
Nixon did the same. All against the wishes of the American people.
Watergate was a very serious issue which is still being lied about and covered up.

LBJ and Bobby Bakker also were involved with making “Ladies of the day and night”
available to members of Congress. They had them set up in hotel rooms and when
members of Congress took the bait, they had the evidence to blackmail them.
Ford was said to be one of those snared in that operation.

Watergate was about many crimes – and it was also about prostitution and sexual
abuse of children according to retired Det. Rothstein of the NYPD/YouTube as he
relates it in an interview with Jim Fetzer.

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Arm yourselves while you still can.


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Reminds me of North Korea, and how the “citizens” of the DPRK are afraid to speak critically about their government or life situations and if they do, they’re “re-educated”.


My little note to the CDC:


Banning words such as “vulnerable,” “entitlement,” “diversity,” “transgender,” “fetus,” “evidence-based” and “science-based” calls for no other response other than FU Trump and CDC.

We will not cower. We will fight you.

Giovanna Lepore

Contact CDC: ADPolicy@cdc.gov


I can’t stand Trump or Clinton, but where is this strong evidence you speak of ?
Oh that’s right, there isn’t any.


Trump cares about his money and his ego. I don’t think he even knows what a “fetus” is. Of course he relishes the power of being a dictator and welcomes any further steps that strip away truth and reason----paving the way for a fascist country where he sits at the helm.

But there are more: who are all the people behind this and what power do they have?
Brenda Fitzgerald? Stephen Miller? Who else?

We need to name names and call out all those that are sinking this country deeper into fascism.

Saying the “Trump administration” isn’t good enough.


Name one thing normal about this fiasco!!!

Don’t worry. Climate change will get us first.