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'Making America Stupid Again': Outrage Over Forbidden 7 Words You Can't Say at Trump's CDC

“The Centers for Disease Control is the main public health institute in the United States. It is committed to helping Americans in a way that is science-based—er, oops, I can’t say that now.”

This is a budget restraint that is careless by nature of the organization it impedes.


Hello all. Please look up “the age of stupid” and the “mclibel” case from the u.k. Says it all!!!

Speech control leads to mind control, in the sense that the Public’s perceptions are strongly influenced at least as much by the framing of ideas, as by the ideas themselves.

We are well on the way to Orwellian Groupthink!


Or Misinformed, which may be even worse!


I’m glad you mentioned Stephen Miller. I think Steve Bannon is still very much a part of all of this, through his protege.


When you are fighting authoritarianism within your own country the Hillary nonsense should be put aside because this situation is very dangerous. I think you must know that. We are all on the same side, the democracy side.

Try reading a newspaper. Do you think the people at Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, etc are just making this stuff up. The evidence is in the posts, tweets, etc. That is in addition to the hacking that has been confirmed by numerous experts.

How could this be legal. How can an agency be so regulated to be forced to not use appropriate language ? If the scientists remain unified and determined can they not control the outcome of this destructive directive ? This is not ridiculous it is dangerous


POGO said “We have met the enemy and they is us”!

Perhaps Pence has contributed some of his fascist thoughts. It sounds similar to the way he and his minions mismanaged Indiana.


This is obviously part of their systemic effort to end the concept of truth. The two key terms they want to ban are evidence-based and science-based. Truth is the Achilles heel of this authoritarian movement since it is all based on lies. Facts must be based on evidence. If evidence doesn’t matter than anything can be true, even Trump’s statements. Science of course is a specific process of forming an hypothesis and then gathering evidence to determine if the hypothesis is confirmed or not. Typically if there is less than one chance in twenty that the hypothesis is wrong then it is considered confirmed. Fox News, Breitbart, and Trump don’t need evidence to support their statements. That is one reason why they are all key components of this authoritarian movement which has is sights on destroying democracy in the US.


A Bugs Bunny quote - Donald Trump, what a ma-roon ( while eating carrots). Porky Pig - ebbitty-ebbitty-ebbitty-ebbitty-ebbitty-ebbitty-ebbitty-ebbitty-ebbitty-ebbitty-ebbitty-ebbitty-ebbitty-ebbitty-ebbitty-ebbitty-ebbitty-ebbitty-ebbitty-what a ma-roooooooon!

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“Do you think the people at Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, ect. are just making this stuff up.”
Yes I do. Do you think the above corp’s. have the American people’s best interest in their hearts?
You might want to expand you’re horizons as far as you’re news sources beyond the mainstream media. I’ll trust Robert Parry at Consortiumnews over any newspaper in this country.
Other sources:
Readersupported news, Truthout. The Intercept, WhoWhatWhy, and this site, just to name a few


If you think these Silicon Valley companies are fabricating everything then we have no basis for dialog. You believe they ar3e and I find that notion to be totally absurd. People from these companies went before Congress and gave testimony. Facebook said the Russians used rubles to buy ads favoring Trump. I wouldn’t trust the sources you named compared with the New York Times, Washington Post, CBS, ABC, NBC. There is nothing special about reader supported news. The news put out could be completely biased. Sources like the NY Times use top journalists and what they print comes under great scrutiny. Hopefully you are following more than the left wing sources you name. If those are all you follow then then you are stuck in a left wing echo chamber and missing out on a lot of important information.

The only word that comes to mind over you’re post is sad.
If you like being lied to stay with the msm. As you said we nave no basis for dialog.


Note that our politicians are not up to speaking truth to power. Deeming this “…ridiculous” is a dangerously insufficient response.

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So far, I have not seen any strong evidence that Putin got Trump elected, but one thing that makes me suspicious is that Trump demonizes, is critical, and belittles so many people but only has praise for Putin…why?

You are so full of shit. Shift a conversation to the Clinton/DNC party line, you are here working the trenches at Common Dreams.

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The Clinton Campaign and the DNC got Trump elected.


I don’t see this “evidence” either. Trump didn’t need Putin to get him elected anyway. He had the MSM with their complete lack of journalistic integrity; the obfuscating, mistrusted HRC; the DNC; the contemptible, lying, fascist, religious fanatic Pence; and his lying, filthy self to manipulate and distract the voters - voters that don’t take the time to look deeper into issues because they are complacent, don’t have the time because they have to work 2 or 3 jobs, or they actually trust the propaganda that passes for “news”.