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Making America's Rivers Blue Again: Connecting the Dots Between Regenerative Agriculture and Healthy Waterways

I have watched all of the links you posted Elcil, Grateful Dead included.

I think you are a connoisseur of many aspects of life - such a strange world now - getting to ‘know’ people without ever having met them. So we read between the lines and hope for the best. You are an artist I think, in many many ways ~

Maybe this (In fact I saw all of the characters as different sides of you):

“All the gods, all the Heavens, all the Hells are within you.”

I actually have Joseph Campbells book “The Power of Myth”, but this one line comes from a movie about the tragedy at Benghazi in 2012. The link below is that clip from the movie (a true story), and if you get past the very brief clip (< a minute), and let it roll, there is a seven minute segment about the Benghazi debacle which features several of the actual contractors that survived. Both the book and the movie 13 Hours are very special, but in lieu of them - this little link may help fill the void:

Great - I can see you two in my minds eye - the Diablo Hills to your northeast I imagine.


  1. I liked the “Intelligent Trees” trailer - and have heard something about that.

  2. I really liked the “Limestone Permaculture” video. So many people living such different lives than me and mine - incredible - but a little sad too - we see people doing well - but hidden are those who are not. But then - balance - and sanity - require that we laugh as well as cry.

“My brother / friend”

  • Glad you really liked the Hulk video - all about friends really. And the music ! Maybe this:
  • ~https://i.pinimg.com/originals/68/ee/9d/68ee9d3bcb94424da345ec24c5a6a524.png


@Rebel_Farmer @JohnRoulac

To return to this article and the documentary “Kiss the Ground”:

  • Now that the initial blush is a day old - I am worried, a lot, about those regenerative farmers and ranchers, and even the makers of the documentary “Kiss the Ground”.
  • Monsanto and company are seriously deranged, and historically have attacked those who threaten their monopolistic and profit ambitions.
  • Beware - in Latin - Caveat !
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Didn’t know that - not even a little - thanks HT !

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These government phuckers need to get the hell out of the Peoples back yards, their neighborhood farm stands, and out of our lives. Period. It’s past time for the People to create alternative “currencies” in their own neighborhoods so that they can “buy” stuff from their neighbors. I created Bread Bucks over 13 years ago and it has worked beautifully as a trading mechanism close to home. Our city also has a “work share” program that works on the same principle.

As I have said many times, we don’t live in a “democracy” of, by, and for the people. Never did. The Founding Fathers made sure that this country would be of, by, and for the already wealthy elite of their day. And be passed down to the oligarchs of today.

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Thank you for your kind words and thoughtful contributions.

a song about friendship…

We Go Together.


I watched Kiss The Ground, again, last night.
A solid documentary that feeds the brain.

Tomorrow (Feb.22,2021 on HULU) we will watch, The Biggest Little Farm, again.
A solid documentary that feeds the heart too.

Fact that this guy attacks vegans, promotes increasing the number of livestock and not even ONCE mentions methane tells me he either doesn’t know as much as he thinks he does or is somehow connected to the meat industry.

On and on with his opinion that facts are being ignored while himself ignoring that the wild claims of Allen Savory and company are built on a foundation of sand.

The harsh reality that sinks their claims is that any increase in carbon sequestration is finite. Soil reaches carbon saturation after some number of years, depending on level of degradation and other factors, while the methane emitted by the increased numbers of cattle go on indefinitely.

That this unavoidable fact is ignored by RA livestock promoters while even pro-RA studies acknowledge the reality of sequestration falloff is a prime example of greedy ranchers green washing their destructive industry to save their incomes and way of life.

The most you can honestly say about RA livestock is that it is less bad than feed-lot fed but only if meat consumption is dramatically reduced.

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I thought RA (regenerative agriculture) sequestered most discharges through natural processes (i.e. digestion through bacterial, fungal, chemical, or other…).
CAFO discharges are bad because there is not a natural process to digest it (the feet deep piles and lakes of feces and urine), so it “evaporates” which causes the actual problem.

I would argue that the planet can re-absorb all of the carbon (methane etc…) considered human caused because this is a closed loop cycle. I don’t want to surf the web for data about how many animals are on the planet and how many were here before, because I want to finish a movie so…
( I am happy to elaborate and digress further tomorrow)

I do agree with multiple parts of your comment, like green-washing to save income. I also agree that less meat consumption is better. Both of these problems can be remedied by removing profit motive from society. The need for money drives all factors which are destroying this planet. If homo-sapiens are to survive, money must go on the backs of the dodo.

The Big Questions are …
Is it too late?
Will any homo sapiens survive, if it is?