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Making Coronavirus Testing Easy, Accurate and Fast Is Critical to Ending the Pandemic—the US Response Is Falling Far Short

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/24/making-coronavirus-testing-easy-accurate-and-fast-critical-ending-pandemic-us

Small town calif , clinic never called back re necessary appt , went to emergency room with symptoms For outside test took two weeks to get results , supposedly getting tester in hospital soon ??five months later , county has been fairly in a non growing bubble , the bubble is wearing thin and about to pop the non maskers are plenty , Pushing 70 growing concern ,

How come the 11 million people town of Wuhan can test all inhabitants within a week?
I have been to the doctor twice and was only asked if I had symptoms. No test was offered. Why does America still not have any working tests ?

You forgot easily available. If there are only enough tests for the White House, it’s not very important to the rest of the US how easy, accurate, and fast they are.

The US has some working tests, but far too few of them are available.

Oh come on, more testing means more cases, nobody wants that. /s
You truly can’t fix stupid.