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Making 'Fringe' Scientist Who Argues Exposure Good for People a Key Witness, Trump's EPA Moves to Roll Back Radiation Safety Rules

Making 'Fringe' Scientist Who Argues Exposure Good for People a Key Witness, Trump's EPA Moves to Roll Back Radiation Safety Rules

Julia Conley, staff writer

Provoking outrage among environmentalists, Trump's EPA sent toxicologist Edward Calabrese—who has argued that loosening radiation regulations could have positive health effects on humans, as well as saving money for businesses that c

Forget tinfoil hats: I predict a thriving market for lead-lined underwear (you gotta laugh to stop from crying)


Dear Mr. Calabrese: Radiation Lover:

I have an idea…why don’t you take your family and set up shop in Chernobyl? it’s been a while since that event occurred and I’m sure that Russia et al in that area would appreciate you taking the time and your family to set up shop as it’s been so long since that explosion happened, it probably wouldn’t hurt you any.

Think of what Marie Curie did for her work with radiation----oh yeah, she died of that right?

Although I think most medical people don’t like patients getting too many x rays either, so maybe you should look into long term effects of radiation

OR --------is Mr, Pruitt’s superman phone booth still available? Perhaps you could take a regulated amount of radiation daily if you could sit in there and do your work. That way , if you had a family, they would be fine and as its your job to investigate----whatever would happened to you —happens. That seems fair—yes?


We have aging nuke puke plants all over the country.
We have the situation in Russia
We have the situation in Japan
Nobody wants to pay for you getting sick.
Nobody wants you to take them to court
soon nobody will be…


Think of the energy efficiency benefits from glowing in the dark


Shock therapy has be debunked as harmful and unhelpful, yet it is still in use.
Heck, cigarettes used to be considered a healthy habit. Technology, the gift that keeps on giving.

I have read about clothing made with bamboo and silver threads to protect you from 5G. You aren’t too far off.


You nailed it!

All radiation is not the same. Life evolved with radiation from space and the earth. Many of the radioactive nucleotides produced in reactors never existed in nature. They are similar to the natural minerals that the body uses so get incorporated into cells. Radioactive decay inside a cell next to or part of the DNA is not like an Xray or cosmic radiation. A fire cracker on 4th of July is better thrown than eaten maybe?


Instead of pushing nukes on the public, clean up your radioactive mess.


Radiated out of existence. Bob Nichols site says the current level of radioactive fallout which is very high dooms mankind to a relatively quick extinction. Colorado City, Co. and Raleigh, NC lead the nation for falling rads but very high across the US carried with the winds.

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With all due respect…this so called expert needs to have his dick taped to the side of one of these silos and left there for a few days to think about what he has said.

I can’t remember who said it but… " In a dark time, the eye begins to see."

Deranged, inhuman, homicidal capitalists.

We allow these people to live at our peril and the peril of the planet.
It’s time to do something about them.

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“This is clearly an attempt to save industry money at the expense of women and children’s health.”

As a man, I can’t help but wonder what makes me invulnerable to increased radiation.

For nonradioactive chemicals, there’s an argument that a small dose can be better than no dose at all. One cup of coffee might be better than no coffee at all, although ten cups of coffee might be somewhat poisonous, bad for your heart.

Stretching this argument to putting radioactive atoms into your body doesn’t make sense. Radioactive atoms are random time bombs. They go off and that’s when they damage or kill cells. Radioactive atoms have been so rare on the earth’s surface that living things haven’t bothered to adjust to their effects for 100 million years or more.

We have a short history of humans being exposed to radioactivity: Hiroshima and Nagasaki, South Pacific H-bomb testing, Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, Fukushima. In general the humans died and mutated like flies. If anything, evidence points to low levels of radioactivity being relatively worse for people.


Anybody living near nuclear power plants or Navy bases (most Navy ships are nuclear powered and some carry nuclear weapons) should expect to see radiation levels increase in their area in the near future.

Do you know how annoying it is to open an article and read the same goddamned paragraph three times in a row?

Dow you know how annoying it is to open an article, online, and read the same goddamned paragraph three times in a row?

Now pretend I said all that on twitter then took a screen shot and shared that one last time. In case you missed it.

I have to bring up fluoride in toothpaste. As an otherwise useless byproduct of the aluminum industry, fluoride in your water gives the aluminum companies a boost. It interferes with the thyroid.
Fluoride in your toothpaste has similar problems, especially for young children who are likely to swallow quite a bit. Once a poison like this or many others is mainstreamed in society, it is very very hard to remove.


It isn’t the tech, it’s the people. Science was used to say cigarettes were dangerous, it was people who were greedy that said they were good for you.

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