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Making It Look Easy, Ocasio-Cortez Shuts Down Huckabee Family of Liars and Promotes Green New Deal in 54-Word Tweet


Making It Look Easy, Ocasio-Cortez Shuts Down Huckabee Family of Liars and Promotes Green New Deal in 54-Word Tweet

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Once again demonstrating her ability to use social media to simultaneously expose the lies of right-wing critics and clearly articulate a bold progressive agenda, Rep.-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) quickly disposed of former Arkansas Gov.


Love this lady! Ocasio-Cortez is correct we can do a Green New Deal; but will the Republicans and the corrupt Democrats allow it…that is the question!


Read this thoroughky, please.


Excellent article! Thank you so much!


It’s a good overview as far as it goes, but it glides past the issue of carbon sequestration with barely a sentence—and then only to mention tech solutions like capture at the point of production, or geo-engineering, whatever that might encompass.

I’d like to see a study of the rate at which we’re losing forest land, especially in the tropics, to agriculture for export, such as palm oil and GMO soy. I think it’s vital to stop and eventually reverse this suicidal trend, and I look to the history of the Depression-era Civilian Conservation Corps’s efforts toward reforestration. There’s no reason, other than political, that that program couldn’t be scaled up to planetary proportions.

See also the many beneficial uses of hemp.

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Thanks for sharing the fine article from the MIT Tech Review. (I ended up subscribing to the on-line version to help satisfy my strong need to know the “why” of things. This helps.


Weren’t palm and soy oil going to be the biofuel ingredients that saved us from fossil fuels?

And isn’t our new age of political debate via tweet just awesome?


Thank you Ocasio-Cortez. We were beginning to wonder in Bernie was the only one that had a pair.


I hear that GMO soy is used mostly in the meat-animal industry.


20% of processed feed-grade soybean ends up as oil unusable by animals.

That oil is then used industrially, though not so much in biofuels:




The plutocracy has spoken: “Green? No deal!”


“Love this lady! Ocasio-Cortez is correct we can do a Green New Deal; but will the Republicans and the corrupt Democrats allow it…that is the question!”

Love this lady!
–and if the two corporate parties placing profit before planet and human survival fail to support, then the Green New Deal will become a local set of programs, that is until Congress turns over and over every two years.

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We will be there with you this evening for the Climate Town Hall in our Nation’s Capitol. MAKE IT COUNT!


Of course, as puppets for corporate dollars, Republicans and Democrats will try not and allow it. The question is will we the people take the streets and run those who would drive our world to the point of extinction out of Town. Paraguay is going to fill up fast.


Give 'em a shot anyway; but, they had best make it count.


Massive plantings of fast growing plants like bamboo and hemp. Don’t burn the mature plants. Bamboo is a wonderful building material which due to massive supply would be dirt cheap, literally dirt cheap. Same with hemp which has a multitude of uses. Desalinate (completely desalinate seawater and make the Sahara bloom, make the entire US Southwest bloom. This would remove millions of tons of carbon from the atmosphere while also creating cheap raw materials for lots of uses.

Never gonna happen…


Kudos to O-C for reminding the country that we landed people on the Moon, and returned them safely to Earth. And that was almost FIFTY years ago. So we are to believe that we can’t at least try to ameliorate the conditions that we have created that threaten our literal survival? The richest industry in the history of money (the fossil fuel industry) acts as if it is entitled to have its profits NO MATTER the consequences.

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There was a story a few years ago, that the Bush Crime Family purchased a large spread of land atop an also-large aquifer in Paraguay.
There goes the neighborhood.


I hope it is clear the US cannot solve the climate change crisis by itself, not even close. None of the accomplishments the US that progressive superstar Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez mentioned do not in any way resemble the climate change problem. What has the world accomplished together that is so great that it can be assumed climate change can be successfully addressed? The only thing that comes to mind is the Montreal Protocol. But that just required substituting HFCs for CFCs and because HFCs are a greenhouse gas there now an attempt underway to replace HFCs. That doesn’t give me much confidence when it comes to a need to phase out the burning of oil, coal, and natural gas for energy; stop deforestation; find a way to make steel and cement without carbon emissions; figure out how to continue to use cows in agriculture without methane emissions; grow rice without methane emissions; and farm without nitrous oxide emissions. Let’s face it, landing on the moon was a lot easier than that.