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Making Money From Their Blood: Cheney's Former War-Profiteering Company Is Suing Veterans It Poisoned in Iraq


Making Money From Their Blood: Cheney's Former War-Profiteering Company Is Suing Veterans It Poisoned in Iraq

Proving there's no level of low Dick Cheney and his cronies will not go, Halliburton subsidiary KBR is suing 12 Iraq veterans who had the audacity to seek and win damages for the cancer they got from burn pit smoke while guarding a toxic water treatment plant for KBR - which, a jury ruled, acted with "reckless and outrageous indifference to a highly unreasonable risk of harm" to them. When the award was overturned on appeal, KBR - which made $39.billion in Iraq - moved to extort $850,000 in legal fees from veterans whose lives they've already ravaged.


another example of the “free market” and “capitolism”, proving that the free market is only free (for them) after these unchristian money huggers have made billions of dollars and can then resuck more money from veterans unlucky enough to be involved in one of thedick cheneys wars while doing the dirty work at one of his companys.the free market part comes in when the taxpayer picks up the tab,AGAIN.

i bet the execs at KBR go to church a la the Mafia - “father i have poisoned our vets and refuse to take responsibility while making billions of dollars in iraq”. how many hail marys will absolve you b*stards,or will it take buying the church a new roof? and they say this is a christian country? when does THAT start?


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This from the cowardly Chicken-Hawk Dick Cheney who ran and hid from Vietnam with FIVE deferments. He was too busy, he said, to show up for a war that his very own Brown and Root and H.W.Bush (US CIA advisor in Vietnam) cooked up. Don’t you think it’s somewhat ironic that this coward would later be CEO of the combined Halliburton subsidiary after the merger: Kellogg, Brown and Root (KBR)???

Brown & Root has milked every war since the 1900’s as War Profiteers. Back then they were called Brown Brothers and Gen. Smedly Butler razed whole continents for them. He later claimed it was a racket (to steal resources and enslave populations.) They owned the biggest investment bank on Wall Street: Brown Brothers, Harriman, that caused most of our misery for a century.


And many of these veterans were already victims of the poverty induced in America to guarantee a supply of cannon fodder before they “volunteered” owing to a dearth of options.


Thank you for this article. It infuriates me that KBR is suing the vets they poisoned, but I’m glad to know and will be sharing so that others are aware.

However, I won’t be sharing the Facebook post directly from Commondreams I found in my feed this morning without the following commentary from me:

I resent the smug comment that Commondreams sent out with this post, “Too much emphasis on one man who preys on lions; not enough on the global criminal syndicate that preys on men.”

Cecil the lion and war-poisoned vets are casualties of the SAME thing; the murderous lengths humans will go to for profit. And I resent the implication that humans are more important than lions. That’s exactly our problem, our mistaken belief that we are somehow privileged as a species and entitled to wanton abuse and destruction of other species, the environment and each other. Cecil is a symbol; he puts a lovable, furry face on a concept that humans had better get soon if we want to survive much longer on this planet.

If you wish to make the point that people aren’t paying attention to what’s going on in the world, how about picking on the Kardashians instead of poor Cecil?


One of the women who spearheaded the Burn Pit suit mentioned in a TV interview a few years ago that humans were being cremated at some of the sites. I wish I had the specifics, because I believe this was at a Forward Operating Base in Iraq in which prisoners had been held. They were “The Disappeared.” Do I think the families of the disappeared were notified? Hell no.
I have not heard hardly anything more about this facet of the story.
The irony is we have a culture that worships the military and ballyhoos war and anyone in a uniform, yet they stab these people in the back when they return home sick and all messed up. Why not be consistent? KBR suing these people is arcane. From what I hear about the VA, who is going to pick up the slack? Public donations? I see “Wounded Warrior” donation boxes at my supermarket checkout. Pathetic.


Nietzsche said god was dead. No doubt someone got paid to plug him too…


I agree with a slight difference. Any lion is a predator and a psycopath of the first order. Just as liable to kill and eat one of their own, even within the pride, for positioning, not food and without the slightest sign of distress, concern or sorrow. I am glad we can love Cecil’s lovable furry face, which I also find lovable, but on our terms and without any illusions about the nature of those species we care about. Google Tippi Hedren who kept lions in her home until one of their favorites mauled their daughter, Melanie Griffiths. Hedren still cares for and advocates for lions, as should all of us, but with a clearer understanding of who and what they are.


Not to mention the millions of dollars spent on those Wounded Warrior TV commercials that ask the public to contribute to the medical care costs of those “who served our country.” I would rather send money to the people who suffered as a direct result of the criminal U.S. invasion of their country.


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Cheney is a blackguard whose arrogance is only rivaled by his pal in crime, GWB. Together they represent all the evil, malice, corruption, greed, avarice, and vileness perpetrated by the human species. They are both narcissistic pariahs whose services are not being solicited by any of the Rep clown car full of pres. wannabes…even Jeb distances himself from his bro-creep. Yet both DC and GWB consider themselves relevant…in their own protected “universes” perhaps. Their brand of “patriotism” is perverse and totally corrupted.


After reading your post and then checking out this article:
…it got me thinking. Karma can be a real bitch.


“scum-sucking”? “war criminal Cheney”? No, not convicted. and no, not actually observed sucking any scum, as far as I know.

You’re upsetting the division of labor here, Ms. Zimet. You report the news, and we’ll add the appropriate epithets in the peanut gallery. Your phrasing made me think twice about quoting you, and it reduces the credibility of your report among the people who we most need to convince—those on the edge of committing to a more progressive stand but still hammered by the right wing corporate media and its untruth and the harangues it mixes into its "news’. Are they despicable people? Without any doubt. Is it a corporation that deserves the death penalty? Absolutely. But to do that we have to circulate the facts of what they do more widely and get them read and believed by millions who will be put off by such emotional judgment calls in the body of the article.

Plus, it leaves us with nothing to say.


When are we going to DEMAND that these people, Cheney and his ilk… be persecuted for WAR CRIMES… and they continue even now… WHY DO WE PUT UP WITH THIS.?


I agree with you that the US has never had an official state religion, and therefore cannot rightly be called a Christian country.

But once the Christian settlers had concluded their campaign of genocide against the native inhabitants of this land, it was certainly a Christian-majority country, with a government that was designed to respect the will of its people (majority Christian) that allowed for slavery, and war profiteering, and for the rich to make a living off the deaths of the poor, and treating women as property (which of course has a direct link to treating women as sex-property).

You speak as though Bible-based defenses of slavery have never been uttered in Christian pulpits. Weird.


my apoogies for not being clear about “the christian country” remark. i was referring to and misspeaking like the krischuns who constantly say things like that,along with pointing out that “in god we trust” is on on our money and most of all want every one to pray in school,constitution be d*mned. not five years ago we had a local minister write an open letter stating that he didnt believe that the constitution really meant a separation of the CHRISTIAN church from the state. his disbelief was made more striking as he had been a local school board member too.


right on brother.im glad to hear that people know the looooooong history of war racketeers/profiteers like KBR.between them and their biz connections plus the CIA since 1947, you can account for nearly every bit of blood shed over the last hundred years. i like the idea of shipping them + anyone with the last names of Bush,Walker and whats the other bush relatives name? to guantanamo for some “enhanced interrogation”. Surfing, anyone?


Democratic Oregon lawmakers likewise protested KBR’s extortion attempts
with the understatement of the decade: “Our soldiers have a right to
expect better.”

— Indeed they DESERVE better, bur in OUR society as it stands, …
they have no REASON to expect better. None of us do until things change in a big way and people come together to DEFEND their rights from this kind of immoral abuse!



Your dragnet idea of waterboarding all Bushes and Walkers and Browns would punish thousands of innocents, so I hope you were being facetious.

And that would scoop up our poster Webwalk who hates war, bush, cheney, and other assorted Nazis…
So, I say, let’s do everything within the law. The Patriot Act clearly provides the death penalty for those who support terrorism. Since the CIA funded ISI Pakistan in Operation Cyclone, al Qeida, ISIS, ISIL etc just to make a bogeyman for the MIC contractors like Dynair, KBR, Oil Companies etc (Big Hal charged taxpayers 400 dollars for each gallon of fuel delivered to Iraq and Afghanistan) I say we invoke the death penalty for these agencies and companies who clearly made the terrorists who are attacking us (since Citizens United says corps are now people.)