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'Making Money Off Dysfunction': Bolstering Medicate for All Case, Survey Shows Americans Accrued $88 Billion in Healthcare Debt in 2018


'Making Money Off Dysfunction': Bolstering Medicate for All Case, Survey Shows Americans Accrued $88 Billion in Healthcare Debt in 2018

Eoin Higgins, staff writer

Americans borrowed $88 billion in 2018 to cover their healthcare, putting yet another number to the argument against the private insurance system as the best provider of care and making the case for universal healthcare even stronger.

That's not all. 45% of U.S. adults fear a health issue could push them into bankruptcy—and 15 million Americans delayed purchasing medication to save money last year.

"Someone is making money off dysfunction," said New York Times editor Patrick LaForge.

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I wonder if these figures include “go fund me” which helps many in need for health care.



Well, if single payer doesn’t work out, the “pragmatic” types have ideas that will result in $70 billion in debt, not $88 billion, only 30,000 dying every year because they lack healthcare (as opposed to up to 45,000) and we will spend lots more than other countries on healthcare, but about 5% less relatively. Expecting anything more is just dreaming, or more accurately, not in the interests of those that own and control the political system and the media.



These are the ones that qualified for $88,000,000,000 of new debt.

The rest, well it is some what like the situation with my sister in law. She was diagnosed with a life threatening sickness but could not afford to pay for costly treatment and procedures. Fact is, if the entire family sold everything they owned …

As I passed by to pay last respects a person ahead said ‘she looks so natural’.

Naturally dead due to lack of affordable health care!! Welcome to the land of the debt slave.



"Suffering in America Pays."

Establishment politicians will never fix this unless we tell them we will never support them, or their Corporate Controlled Duopoly parties who value not human life, but only one thing.


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The Medicare System we have now is Death Care for most of us. They are quietly eliminating Seniors who need Health Care the most. Since the People refuse to fight for their rights, back a politician who’s campaign includes Single Payer and who’s out in the field working hard to make it happen, not the ones who are making back room big money deals like HRC did.



I have had a gofundme page for 7/8 months, the donations meager at best. It is not all that it is cranked up to be.

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We all have our horror stories, mine is no different other than I am not bankrupt but I don’t get the care I need either. Those are your choices, sick or broke. You choose. Die quickly if you can.



Want to get my vote in '20? End the military occupation of the World, and the wars started to justify it, and deliver universal single payer medical coverage.

This would rule out the Democrats as a party because the party doesn’t support either of those things. So it’s another year of Green, or if the Dems run another Republican, a vote for an actual Republican as punishment. If they make us choose between evils again, I’m going with the Republican evil, because democrats don’t criticize the evil when their guy is in the Big chair, and evil must be called our if not resisted.


                            BERNIE, BERNIE, BERNIE. 

You Identified The Problem.

You Found A Solution To The Problem.


Now We Need You To Take Charge Of The Executive Branch.

And Implement Your Brilliant Egalitarian Health Care Plan That Covers Everyone.

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Our health insurance was more than our mortgage when we qualified for Medicare. We run it through Kaiser where we live because Kaiser dominates our market. It is the only existing government program that could run health care in the US. Of course it is fought against by the profit system that owns and controls the US. If our economy crashes from the actions of Trump, GOP and general carnage it could be a solution just like universal health care was put in place after the West was destroyed by WWII.



This $88 billion in added debt helps explain the centrist position in favor of ‘fixing’ ObamaRomneyCare.

It’s a win-win-win for big insurance, big pharma, and big Wall St money lenders.

And that translates into more big donor donations for Beto-and-switch.

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If you don’t have good health insurance, your choice is bankruptcy or death, perhaps death would be least painful.

I’ve managed to get to my late 60s with good health and without needing major medical care. But about 6 months ago, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Luckily I had health insurance on my wife’s policy as well as Medicare supplement. Without these health benefits, my savings, my SS, and pension would have been wiped out. A recent bill for two short visits to my oncologist was $8,000. My portion after insurance recovery was $165.00. The oncologist was a minor expense. Other services were provided by a urologist, a lab charge for a biopsy, and hormone therapy to lower my PSA number about 15 points almost to zero. I also had CT scans, bone biopsies, two weeks of radiation therapy plus follow up visits to my family doctor. Plus lots of meds. One urology prescription for a 3 month supply was $500.00, but only $18.00 with prescription coverage.

I’m doing fine now, mainly just some muscle pain limiting my total recovery. What seemed like a disease with a poor prognosis, then death, now gives me hope to see another 20 or 30 years, luckily while still being somewhat financially secure, not wiped out where my wife and I would be faced with a drastically altered lifestyle, perhaps living on the street.

For a country that is supposed to be so well off, the US really sucks for a large percentage of it’s people. So few who are financially secure, while so many struggle with health care expenses, with things getting worse ay by day.

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