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Making Sense of Orlando


Making Sense of Orlando

Sonali Kolhatkar

I am struggling to understand the Orlando massacre. And that struggle is important. It is what can protect us from the knee-jerk characterizations being bandied about. In its race to get the story first, mainstream corporate media has crafted the spin as swiftly as possible and shaped the lens through which we see the news.


Common sense, factual, transparent analysis.


Just one tiny quibble: 50 human beings died at Pulse Sunday morning. We gain nothing by dehumanizing the shooter.


She does spend some time on his history.
Is that what you are asking for?
Or just to state the shooter died as well?

How would you have humanized him?
I am curious to know.


It's not for me to humanize him. Just noting that he was also a human being whose mortal life ended that morning. My faith tradition calls on me to pray for all of them, and perhaps especially for one who worked so hard to surrender his humanity.


I am not sure what you mean.
You are quibbling that the author has somehow missed pointing out the murderer's humanity.
That is something you said.

I am asking you explain what you meant, and you answered that the killer surrendered his humanity.
I find you contradicting yourself.

Thank You, however, for trying.


I'm not here to play semantic games.


It seems that is exactly what you were doing with your original post.


Fact 1: Someone used a powerful weapon to kill people.
Fact 2: It's easy to get those weapons in the U.S.

We can argue about motives. We can argue about what part our society has in fostering those motives. What we cannot argue is that there's anything in place to stop the next mass slaughter, because it's easy to get the weapons these killers use.


The boxes in which humanity is buried


My understanding of the original post, is that by reporting 49 dead, instead of reporting 50 dead, the omission of the shooter from among those counted dead, is a form of dehumanizing him.


Well, twisting facts is the true job of media and politicians. It is very common everywhere in the world. It's the reason our millenial generation lost their faith on them. They don't watch the TV news any more. The MSM know that fact. Only a bunch of old folks still watch the news. The credibility of MSM is lost forever and it is their own fault.