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Making Spirited Case for Universal Programs, Sanders Defends Medicare for All From Biden's Right-Wing Talking Points

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/20/making-spirited-case-universal-programs-sanders-defends-medicare-all-bidens-right

Stick it to The Man, Bernie!


Is anything Byedone says accurate or true?


Too bad Bernie couldn’t swat Biden like an annoying fly when you’re trying to eat.


Sanders IS the real deal. Remember, he’s the ONLY one of the candidates that has been super consistent since he was a young man. Biden is a POS and with him what we will get is another 4 yrs, 8 yrs of Bill Clinton and Obama. SOS, and the election of 2016 should’ve taught us that.


“ Sanders IS the real deal” Yep!
This sentence can start and end every attempt at comparison ,between the candidates.
There is Sanders and then there is , well nobody!


It’s obvious that ByeDone would rather run as a Republican. And rather than switch Parties, he wants the “Democrat” Party to become the New Republican Party so he can.

Bernie is the only one who has a consistent 40+ year track record of working FOR people like me. Screw the rest of them

Bernie 2020


Check this out:


Bernie’s programs touch people and cross Party lines. He can win this!

And another image from that same twitter post - Updated - sorry

It’s too bad Lakeoff doesn’t’ do focus groups.

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From the following article:
‘America simply cannot afford another Trump victory at the polls., or another four years of rapacious right-wing government. To prevent this nightmare, we must convince anxious voters that Sanders can and will throttle Trump in a general election.’


What I hate are the “audience” reactions at these debates. All the yelling and clapping for ByeDone and Klobocop, were just too much for me.


Bernie is the man and I’ve always been a supported. I kept an open mind about the other candidates up until a month or so ago but none of them can match Bernie. Maybe Warren but there is a little bit in my guts that says she might not be trustworthy?
Bernie is the guy that probably be thrown out by media and DNC.
and they will continue their for profits gauging for another decade and elitists will fill their already overflowing monies.

That means Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Pete Buttigieg are the only ones who currently meet the new requirements.

Here’s another one

I was told this in another place:

it was actually 14 who think he [Bernie] won the debate. Luntz later corrected it in a tweet.

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No doubt about it in my mind! But the question my friend… is this: WILL BERNIE BE ALLOWED TO WIN THIS?

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You keep saying that. But I’m supporting Bernie as long as he’s in it.
In fact I’m gonna send him another $27 right now!

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I thought what I read in a comment section from another site was pretty funny. The comment was that
Amy Klobuchar reminded them of a little kid that would pick their boogers and eat them ! LOL

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Bernie 2020 ! No one has the credentials to compare. I can’t wait until the day we start to turn this shit show around in January 2021. Even the talking heads on MSNBC couldnt ignore him. Seemed like they were doing some CYA as they can see where the momentum is going. Did anyone see the video of people post debate being polled on who they thought won ? Need I say the answer ? Hint : None of the others.


Too bad the DNC has already decided that no matter what, he will not be the 2020 candidate.