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Making Spirited Case for Universal Programs, Sanders Defends Medicare for All From Biden's Right-Wing Talking Points

I have to appreciate your faith but the only way, in my view, that Bernie will be given the DNC nomination over Biden is if millions of us progressives…REFUSE TO ALLOW BERNIE TO BE SCREWED AGAIN! Mark my words.

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It aint over till its over

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When we see War Mongering, Wall Street Bailing, TPP pushing, “Looking forward not back” Obama actively working against Bernie, I think I know the answer to that question.

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Fairly long article but one I wish EVERYONE would read with an open mind; especially Dumbf fools. Please enjoy and share:

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One of the Green Party’s other presidential candidates besides Howie Hawkins is Ian Schlakman, who tweeted some thoughts during the debate:

I was wondering if anyone is fact checking Biden’s claim of $47 average contribution. Sounds phony to me.
And if max spending on campaign donations is $2,800 why would we be caring about big bucks donors?

Yes, thanks for your reply, but I would love it if we were both wrong! I am not naive, looking back to the fascist coup of JFK the last Bernie Sanders, 10:1 odds tells me we are both right.

Granted, there are a lot Americans who make terrible lifestyle and nutrition choices, but there are tens of millions who are limited by living in inner-city or rural food deserts and by having to buy only those foods that they can afford. The cheapest foods tend to have almost no nutritive value, and worse yet, contain cancer causing chemicals, trans-fats, and excessive sugar (high-fructose corn syrup). I think it’s preposterous to say that providing health care to everyone would simply give more people an excuse to be lazy, fat, and negligent of their health. On the contrary, if more people had access to preventive care, doctors would be able to isolate health concerns in individuals before they become something serious and life-threatening, and those people would be able to receive encouragement ad motivation from medical personnel about eating healthier and getting more exercise. As it is, they not only do not have anyone to help put them on the road to better health, they are subjected to endless commercials encouraging them to buy fast food burgers and fries, sugary cereals, and every other kind of junk food under the sun. Medicare for all would be a win/win for everybody, except the crooked, criminal insurance industry and Big Pharma, the most nefarious price gougers on the planet.


Biden is an Obnoxious Lying Phony just like the Bigot currently occupying the White House.

If Biden becomes the Nominee there is no chance in Hell that he will defeat Trump.

He is the Male Version of Hillary, nothing to offer the People of America except warnings about how Bad Trump is.

Biden is a Clueless Republican and does not possess the ability to effectively debate Trump.

Biden is suffering from the early stages of Dementia, I have seen this disease strike several members of my family and his symptoms are unmistakable.

On the other hand Bernie will make Trump look like the degenerate loathsome sub human that he is.

If the Dems go with Bernie we will take back the White House, If the Dems ignore the will of the people and go with Biden we lose either way because he is, in my opinion, Worse than Trump.



I agree, but the corporate and politically, elite dems. would rather back Biden. I have made up my mind to do everything in my non-violent power to make sure this doesn’t happen to Bernie in 2020!


But the MSNBC program after the debate was already touting Biden as way, way ahead of Bernie with the African American voter. Could be a problem if accurate.

THIS pissed me off to where whatever–if ANY–positive thoughts I held for O’LIAR are now in the shitter where HE deserves to live!!!

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Obama, imho, simply overstated his thoughts about women doing a great job where they have served, and we could use more of them, and should, because they have qualities men don’t exhibit.

Undoubtedly Obama was referring Mitch, Hatch, and others on the right. Just not politically correct to call them out individually.

It was still BULLSHIT to bring it up at the “debate”.

Obama meant Bernie Sanders. He doesn’t care about any of the other names you mentioned. But he detests Bernie and has felt that way for a long time.

Obama is a neoliberal fraud and he resents Bernie for being the person he (Obama) pretends to be.

So long as Democrats refuse to recognize who Obama is – not who he pretends to be – they will continue to make disastrous choices. Obama’s failures paved the way for Donald Trump.

None of this should be shocking – let alone controversial. There is an immense amount of evidence to back it up – from his support for the TPP, his support for Wall Street, Pharma and health insurers, and his lack of support for Social Security and working class Americans.

I don’t understand why Democrats seem unable to see the person behind the words, and why they insist on making the same mistakes repeatedly. The sooner Democrats put the Obama delusion behind them, the better our country will be.

Buttigieg is an Obama clone. Beto was too. Warren may or may not be, Any of them, if elected, risks another Trump clone winning a subsequent election.

(BTW, if Obama really believes that women should govern, then why did he challenge – and defeat – Hillary Clinton? Obama is an insincere, lying hypocrite.)

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That makes politics a nightmare. Can’t disagree. We may have to wait a while longer for all to chime in on the Obama legacy. It sure doesn’t seem to get better with age.


The loyalty to “blue” (no matter who) blinds them. It’s called party ADDICTION.

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