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Man Made Borders On This Earth


Man Made Borders On This Earth

This is Dreamer and DJ Alonso Guillén, who disappeared after leaving work with two friends and a small boat to rescue survivors of Harvey. Sunday, his family pulled his body from the swollen waters even as news leaked that Trump, his "tone-deaf cruelty set on auto pilot," would end DACA. Alonso's grieving mother in Mexico was turned back at the border before officials issued her a "humanitarian" visa. We assume they had to look up the word.


thank you for running that heart-wrenching story.

your last sentence that the border officials (and ICE) would have had to look up the word ‘humanitarian’ sums up what the US stands for today…ok, tweak that…what the US’s leaders and stooges stand for. this country, by association because of voting these miscreants in, is now just about at the head of the class of hateful, disgusting, rotten, immoral, narcissistic, selfish, greedy, arrogant, insensitive, snarling, treacherous, criminal and murderous nations on the planet. i hope the republicans who do their best to thwart democratic elections and the electoral college members who had no spine in the 2016 elections are proud of themselves and what they’ve wrought. i also hope they and the entire orange cabal suffer pain and miserable deaths when the revolution, which will not be peaceful (sorry, bernie), arrives. unless kim jong-un gets the jump on the revolutionaries, in which case i hope HE has the sense to bomb the orange cabal instead of innocent americans who hate Dump and what he has brought us.

the heroic rescuers, donors, aides, first responders, et al. show us what our potential is if we don’t allow ourselves to be twisted and pitted against each other and the other peoples of the world (whom we’re bombing the hell out of).

i don’t know the answer as to how to cathect that part of our national personality.


Excellent post, brutally honest. This country has fallen so far, yet it has quite a ways yet to go before reaching the bottom of the slope it is on - which I believe it will swiftly reach. I pray I am dead and buried before I have to see it, but knowing my luck I probably won’t be. The saddest part, to me, is just how many young people today don’t remember the America that was; don’t get me wrong - this country has always had its nasty, evil, dark and hypocritical side, no doubt. But at least we put on a good show and at least tried to maintain at the least the APPEARANCE of honesty, goodness, and principals. Now we no longer even bother to try - we just let our evil all hang out for the world to see, and we don’t give a shit. The younger generations don’t even remember when we tried to appear good - their entire lives have been spent with drones and wars and brain-washing propaganda and Fox news and torture and austerity and oligarchy and cutting regulations and corporations are people and money is free speech and the destruction of the Constitution, and so on and so forth. This IS the new “normal” for them. And that, more than anything, is why I think the future is fucked for this country. If you don’t remember freedoms and democratic principals and humanity, and oligarchy and authoritarianism is totally normal for you, why would you fight for those things that you never knew?


Man Made Borders On This Earth
Great … let’s let the whole planet immigrate and everyone can live in a one room hut.
If you’re incapable of thinking that zero immigration is a rational plan for the future, then you’re too out of touch with reality to have any meaningful opinions.
Zero Population Growth. Oh, no problem, we will solve climate change etc. without doing anything rational.


You’re grossly mistaken. Borders do absolutely nothing to address either human over-population, or ecological dis-integration.


One would think that given the scope of this tragedy, the suffering and grieving - even the most thoughtless and cruel person could step back and pause while we recover. Not Trump and his neo-confederate Sessions. In the midst of a huge tragedy with massive loss, they move forward on their DACA attack. Does the term sociopath come to mind?


US CBP agents are fascist thugs. I’m a white, male, multi-generation US citizen and I get anxiety attacks every time I have to cross back into the USA from Canada and deal with those thugs - one of them once making a deal about my not correctly recalling the exact number of days I was in Canada (they already have the correct answers on their computer screens to all the questions they ask you - with Canada’s cooperation big brother knows all). My brother, crossing into the US on Greyhound, was once pulled aside and questioned because of the book he was reading - Lenin’s “Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism”

In contrast, I get no such treatment going into Canada. I tell them that I’m bringing in a growler of beer and some veggies from my garden and I breeze through.


“Disaster Capitalism”

They literally look for and take advantage of disasters, to ram thru more ugliness. Sometimes they concoct disasters to take advantage of.


dissent, i hear ya and agree. am going to add another factor about these young folks (and certainly there are a lot more factors): their educations. i can go back for sure to the 1980s, and even before that, and see the twisting and censoring of curricula in the public schools. as the right wing has gained power, state school boards have micro-[mis]managed curriculum development & content and textbook selection. the science deniers, the creationists, the history liars, and the civics-government liars are in power in a scary proportion of places. it’s a wonder that even the apple falling from the tree isn’t attributed to “god” instead of gravity in these people’s minds.

forget constitutional law and civil liberties or civil rights in these schools. no way that was taught. and that’s partly why so many in congress and state legislatures are so friggin’ ignorant. why they’re proud of it is another discussion entirely.


yunz, i am sickened by what happened to you and to your brother…and the muslims and the hispanics and the iranians and the iraqis here and the blacks and the jews and the…

all the goons and thugs of the last many administrations are fascists and are graduating to full-blown gestapos and stormtroopers. https://www.thenation.com/article/trumps-storm-troopers-and-the-possibility-of-american-fascism/

am not sure how wethepeople can stop this juggernaut.

if you could handle bollywood movies, you might feel validated (after being saddened) by the movie My Name Is Khan. its xenophobia and islamophobia message is powerful… there are some other messages, too, but you made me think of this movie.


Excellent point. You are absolutely correct. It is all part and parcel of a concentrated effort to produce mindless consumers and grist for the capitalist, neo-liberal mill by destroying any capacity for critical thinking or questioning the status quo. Very successful so far.


I just don’t see any light at the end of the tunnel. These hurricanes are evidence of how the rich—throughout the globe—have sacrificed the planet and all life forms only for their incredible greed and avarice. I feel like I’m armed only with a straight pin in fighting an enormous malevolent army.

No wonder so many people tune out with alcohol and drugs! I get it.:cry::rage:


I know what you mean. I must admit I have been struggling the last few years with fairly severe depression, and it is all due to these very topics. Watching the number of ignorant, apathetic, narrow-minded, racist, zenophobic, authoritarian, right-wingers in this country (and the world) grow every year; watching the environment going further and further down the tubes thanks to government deregulations in favor of corporations; austerity; torture; drones; more and more wars of aggression launched by the US; more and more liberties being axed, more and more of the Constitution going into the shredder; the militarization of our burgeoning police-state; the rising imperviousness of the Oligarchy that is more and more blatantly showing that it is the true Ruler of the U.S. - and the world; increasing poverty, increasing division, increasing wealth inequality (all be design) - on and on and on and on and on. Every year, it all just gets worse and worse.

I feel like I am more and more all alone in the world in my viewpoints. I come to these forums and progressive websites like CD, I guess, to find like-minded individuals, as misery loves company. Lord knows out in the physical world I don’t find any - every one of my co-workers, friends, and family members are firmly on the Right. I literally feel like I am a member of a vanishing, dwindling breed of humans - those with a social conscience, who stand against greed and avarice and empire and capitalist destruction, and racism, and ignorance. Very, very depressing, quite literally.


Dissent, many of us here know exactly how you feel and in fact, agree with you 100%. For sure I do. I’m depressed and cynical…and scared…but more than that, I’m in an intolerant rage…no kindness in my heart for the Cabal, no Zen patience, nothing of positive regard for the hateful benighted fools who swallowed dump’s spewing shit. If the Weathermen were to resurface, I’d dance in the street.

That said, you MUST do something to get around people who can be affirming, at least to some degree…groups like Move To Amend, Indivisible, War Resistors League, Irag Veterans Against War, etc. have chapters all over the country. Even Bernie’s movement has people who agree with you on some issues…even a Green Party chapter.

Please let me know if you have any real, not virtual, human possibilities within reasonable travel distance.

You’re an excellent, eloquent, and incisive writer…any chance of trying to get published in progressive magazines, newspapers or in environmental magazines…like Sierra Club’s, Center for Biological Diversity, et al.?


I sure appreciate the kind words. I live in a small town in the middle of nowhere, but I will definitely look into your suggestions. I have considered joining up with a progressive group such as those you mention in the past, but need to get off my duff and actually do it, even if it means a drive. I admit to being not very hopeful that real change can ever occur - I truly believe we’re that far down the slope - but will try to change my cynicism to a more productive output, if for no other reason than to lessen the feelings of hopelessness and depression. Thanks for the motivation!


yeah, there’s a lot to be depressed about… i try to take inspiration from … believe it or not, my contact with critters. fall of empire has to happen sooner or later, no matter what era, no matter what country. one of my kids has a master’s in sustainability (etc.) and says that there is no longer any hope, only cope. so i’ll vent in like company, learn from posters more knowledgeable than i, and donate pennies where i can…mostly environmental and conservation, save wild animals sorts of orgs…

if you publish anything, you must let us know. a lot of us really respect you.


That’s where I make most of my donations also - wildlife, animal shelters, etc. :slight_smile: Your child sounds very wise.
I have always enjoyed your comments very much as well.