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Man-Made Climate Change Making Kindling of America's Forestlands


Man-Made Climate Change Making Kindling of America's Forestlands

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Apocalyptic images of fire and brimstone may well be the future of our planet, according to a new scientific study which found that the recent uptick in forest fires is due in large part to human-caused climate change.


Nationalize the fossil fuel industry immediately, and then put a rubber on you "dumb humans!"


We are playing the fiddle until Rome burns to cinders. Congrats on killing yourselves and the entire planet--Humans.


We have little choice but to be human
Our universe wrapped in a plastic bag
We frack up our water and drink the fumes
Our forests keep burning till all are consumed.


A large factor in these ever larger forest fires in the boreal forests of Canada is that warm weather and even hot weather arrives earlier in the spring. The decidous trees have not yer formed leaves meaning the sun strikes the forest floor directly. This dries that same forest floor removing any moisture in the top soil that would have normally sunk into the soil from a slower melt and further drying the deadwood.


The war of this century, in the West/Southwest, will be over water--no doubt.


Climate change has to do with more than just the increase in temperature. Solar UVB radiation is increasing as the result of ozone depletion, and atmospheric aerosol reductions, caused by the death of the boreal forests and marine phytoplankton.

Google my book "Cannabis vs. Climate Change" to understand what must be done to avoid global, systemic collapse.


We'll burn everything, we'll wreck everything, the oceans, the forests and the soils will all be trashed in the frantic effort for one more feed, one more day,


The degreening of the biosphere has many contemplated consequences. Many of today's theoretical arguments concentrate on specific causes. Yet we have to realize that what we are currently reaping is from the formative years of industrialization. Imagine an elastic band and stretching it to deformation since the original natural state has been changed and not recoverable. On a geological time scale we have simply created a new era and one that is a man created dawn of a unique geologically cyclic interruptive era which will take many eons to resolve. We do not have any technical solutions at this time other than to delude ourselves that terraforming industrial style other heavenly bodies will be good for us, with the idea that similarly we can just simply consume ourselves out of existence. We are looking at a future that is much higher in humidity, which increases both the force of the two gravitational influenced streams. The Jet and Sea with proportionally greater atmospheric effects. With it we will see much more spore and water microbial lifeforms which will in turn introduce new medical challenges for humans to overcome along with the loss of fertile regions. Geological fertility creep occurs over many millennia with cyclical rotational shifts, which we have managed to change by exposing areas that will cause primarily greater upheavels and movement in crop and food fertility. Pollution as our similarly corrupt ethically and morally challenged legal system knows has no boundaries that cannot be round Robin-ed to allow the rights and profits without a legislated consequence.
Therefore I propose as was a biblical prescription, that to save the planet we all need to eat lawyers. Who will always as a matter of their own business prevent mankind from finding its Nirvana. Try a young one, they are much crunchier, the older ones are tough and have firm roots that appear to have via some unknown form of rectal tentacle direct access to the notional consumers cerebral cortex and their political hemisphere. Many with tentacles that they call policy even if common sense tell us otherwise.


I can't even help my daughter.
I am fighting stupendously intricate and deeply corrupt court system just to be able to see her.
She lives in war zone called her mother's home.
The system is consistently being used to villify me and extract every dime from my homeless condition.

If I ever get my nostrils above the cesspool I am swimming against, I will help my generation make it right.

But the boomers, the generation in America that came after the :"Greatest" generation is standing like the fat wall in the way.


Endogenous Fiscal Population Growth, WP630. Downloadable from any federal reserve repository. Read Section 5- 8. Especially if you are a female. The federated legal system is Americas answer to people pollution, Tertilt a contributing author has formulated the solution to the standard Americas family model and calorific issue. Based on her research Lord help any male today and the policies derived from her research. The policies derived are not too dissimilar to those prescribed by the Antonio Gramsci proposal as a policy that is culture changing as is his labelled doctrine of the long march through culture. The problem with such federally adopted policies are that while they may make a long march through culture possible through many methods and agencies. With the accompanying solutions to give cause to mass antenatal policies which is also by virtue of its carte blanc solution to normalize human attrition as a solution. The method is irrelevant, the use of food is also a weapon as is the use of the corresponding legal, medical and psychologically formed industries to supplant human fertility. Family courts were formed from universal and global compacts as the US and Western solution, See ROME and CAIRO with the idea that by limiting and giving cause to poverty and draconian financial disincentives or incentives it will lead to and curtail with intra generational permeation a case for determining human infertility and or premature death or dysfunction giving cause to the same. Getting females out of the family and social nurturing structure by providing policy access to a labor cost reduction through superfluous male dislocation while changing the labor market under executive titled charters or policies.
As a male and your plight, you are certainly not alone and sadly the affect is purposeful. 67% of American children have no paternal influence, only that of the state and its policies. The exchange you were witness to is mutual, the legal system does this as a matter of remuneration,and whether that is climate or kids it will as we generally see want its percentage payoff to determine the most favorable for itself. Not the general public.