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Manifesto for a Naïve Activism


Manifesto for a Naïve Activism

Rev. Billy Talen

It is the darkest of times; it is the brightest of times. A mentally ill President slouches toward the nuclear suitcase to mistake a Twitter feed for the big one. But he can see in the windows of the Oval Office, out in streets, the 99% and the Black Lives and the Kayaktivists and the Pussy Power and the Dreamers and the Water Protectors at Standing Rock.


Naive is certainly a good word to describe these bits of "resistance". Annoying. Ineffective. The horrified manager isn't "seeing over Trump's wall". He's looking for security to inform you that you're trespassing on private property and to escort you back onto the street. This is the kind of stupidity that turns the public even more against your cause, whatever that is.


As I understand it, "annoying" is the main point.

Unfortunately, I'm annoyed enough by the snarky opening comments to turn off from what might be the only option we have.


Well you are nothing but an ignorant JERK-
What a stupid comment to A Reverend Billy show- This guy is A Saint!!!
Go back to your menial existence and suck off that bank manager on the way-


Thanks bkwrites- You are a lot more civil and kind than I.....


I agree- let's have more of it.


Radical indeed!


Well you obviously miss the obvious. PROTEST is not meant to be convenient, or even likeable. It's meant to get attention, and NOT just the manager of the friggin' bank. Get a clue.


If annoying is the point, you're successful. If persuading others to your point of view is the objective, you're on the wrong track. Yes, you're getting noticed. But not in a good way.


Funny. I thought the point of a protest was to generate sympathetic reactions from observers. This kind of childish exhibition is the wrong way to do that.


love you and your gang, rev. billy!


YOU ROCK! Billy Talen! STOP SHOPPING! lol - Listen to the Rev and the Choir of The Church of Stop Shopping! - http://www.revbilly.com/