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Manifesto Offers Vision of 'Joyful' Europe to Supplant Austerity's Misery

Manifesto Offers Vision of 'Joyful' Europe to Supplant Austerity's Misery

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Calling for a "European Europe, which can fulfill its mission to bring peace, freedom, justice, and solidarity to the world," a group of German economists, academics, policy advisers, and Social Democrats has issued a 12-point manifesto that rejects austerity, German hegemony, and right-wing extremism within the EU.

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Thank you Deirdre Fulton for the article…

This is the kind of response that one should expect from any society that has compassion at heart. The irony is that the cost will be far less than the powers that be always insist will break the system. Out-comes will be more desirable, people happier and healthier and all of us better off in the long run. So why haven’t we made this kind of declaration before?

I didn’t check other assertions made in this comment, but from information found in news articles this one stood out. From Wikipedia World Defense Budgets for 2014:

1 (First Place) USA 610 Billion
8 India 45.2
9 Germany 43.9
10 South Korea 34.4

Almost every nation that produces arms, sells arms. That includes the US, GB, France, Germany, Israel, Russia, etc. Germany’s transgressions against income equality are venial compared to the US’s. Housing in Germany is less expensive than Italy and certainly the US as two examples, and food costs are much lower than the US. Everyone, even new Syrian refugees, gets health care. You are correct about ostentatious vehicle ownership, some private autos seen in Germany are more than half the size of US cars but truck like SUV’s don’t exist there.

Oh, and one more observation. The hangman’s platforms as seen in “Der Spiegel” are being dragged about by PEGIDA, Patriotische Europäer gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes, or Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the West, a right wing group similar to the US KKK.