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Manifestos of Hate: What White Terrorists Have in Common

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/14/manifestos-hate-what-white-terrorists-have-common

Early members of the KKK played video games. Maybe not Grand Theft Auto, which might not have existed then, but at least Pong and Space Invaders. That’s why they lynched black people.

We need INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM-------people need to be allowed to state how they feel----the line is violence-------and this includes STATE VIOLENCE! The shooter in Texas wrote in his letter if the state can inflict violence why can’t he------this KID wrote that he saw no future for himself. Kids need to be taught INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM-political , social , and economic freedom------and the COMMONS------we are all owners—we All have a right to share in the wealth of this world. -----------we need healthcare centers in every neighborhood because we live in one sick country----just look at the history of this country----its drenched in BLOOD.

Yes that is the excuse they use today. Of course it is pure nonsense, Japan has quite the violent video content and their rate is far lower than the US.
Their deflection should be obvious, but then they get away with it.