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Manufacturing Disgrace: Reuters Distorts Chevron v. Donziger

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/12/manufacturing-disgrace-reuters-distorts-chevron-v-donziger


Good to see the follow-up on Chris Hedges’ piece.

Those of us in academic spheres have to reverse the old standards that make people regard Reuters or the New York Times or Fox or CNN as sources of information. The balance of their financial interests have come to favor their sources–large corporate and governmental agencies with public relations problems.

They have become identifiable sources of disinformation and should be treated as such.


This happened to people, human beings suffering with cancer, kidney/liver damage, lung problems, birth dedects by a huge American corporation and a US judical system. What an ugly, disgusting participation by the US government but then …I guess human life is also disposal by large corporations. Many people died and activitists murdered by who do you think?


This is yet another reason I believe the whole dam system must be burned down in this country and start over. Donziger is facing a kangaroo court, just like Julian Assange is as we speak, I wish both of them well, but don’t expect a just outcome in either case.


Chevron must be seized and handed over to the Ecuadorian government as compensation. The corrupt judges involved in the case must be disbarred and publicly shamed. Donzinger must be reinstated to the bar immediately and paid at least one million dollars in damages by Chevron.
I understand that this is difficult in a country that is completely controlled by ruthless corporations who are willing to sacrifice not only every American but the entire planet to enhance their bottom line, but the need to show the public that the 99% can occasionally win once every hundred years is vital if we’re to reclaim our control from these fascist oligarchs. If Chevron wins, the answer will lie in the 99% eliminating the tiny .01% from the equation. The alternative is too scary to comprehend.

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Gee, maybe he ought to ask his basketball-playing buddy, Barack Obama, for help. Oh, that’s right Obama was already working his butt off to sell his soul to corporate interests, even way back then (something I wish I had known in 2008) and when this kicked up again with the campaign against Donziger in 2011, Barack was solidly in office three years already. Saint Obama, the traitor.
Not that St. O was ever really in charge then. Most politics has long since been a shell for corporate rule behind the scenes.