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Many Americans Think It's Worse to Vote for a Democrat (or Republican) Than for a Child Molester. Is That a Problem?


Many Americans Think It's Worse to Vote for a Democrat (or Republican) Than for a Child Molester. Is That a Problem?

Will Bunch

At long last, America, have you left no sense of decency?


It seems very clear to me that the result of generations of inbreeding in Alabama, has perverted their sense of right and wrong.


No - at long last, America has no decency.

Decades of a team mentality and cult-like loyalty to “my party” has resulted in a sort of in-bred stifling of what passes for normal in most civilized countries. Yes, it infects the Democrats too - just look at how quiet Dem cultists become when “their” leader is in power and doing the same things that a Republican leader used to do. But truly, the Republican Cult has reached new heights (or lows) of this sick tribal mentality, where their followers are so blindly, unquestioningly loyal to their Cult that they will quite literally do anything that Cult asks of them - vote against their own best interests, suffer losing their health insurance and watching their taxes go up so that their billionaire leaders’ taxes can go down, watch their unemployment benefits go bye-bye, watch their Medicaid and Medicare go bye-bye, watch their children’s health be endangered as their Cult leaders destroy environmental protections so they can make more obscene profits- one can go on, and on, and on. They just don’t CARE. The Cult is all - it is everything. And in the process of their indoctrination, they are made to believe that anyone NOT in their Cult are evil, communist/socialist (in their small minds these two are the same thing) anti-American bums out to screw them out of their hard-earned money and take away their freedoms and their guns.
And they believe it whole-heartedly. Critical thinking skills go bye-bye, values go bye-bye, logic goes bye-bye - even their own eyes and ears are not to be believed.

So supporting a child molester for Senate, or sexual predator for President, is a no-brainer. The two parties are CULTS. They both need to be dropped like hot potatoes for those who are not yet fully under the cult leaders’ spells.


“However [political parties] may now and then answer popular ends, they are likely in the course of time and things, to become potent engines, by which cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people and to usurp for themselves the reins of government, destroying afterwards the very engines which have lifted them to unjust dominion.”

Pres. George Washington | Farewell Address | Saturday, September 17, 1796


Regarding Kay Ivey, I believe that the typical male Moore supporter would have voted for him even if Roy had raped his own daughter. I guess that might be the case of many females as well, though considering the response of female Trump supporters to the Access Hollywood tapes, that isn’t as surprising as it should be.

In a way, it’s the extreme case of LOTE voting, and I agree with the author that Dems do the same type of thing, as the author states (not completely accurately):

“Hillary Clinton’s ethics — especially her huge paydays for speeches to banks and big corporations — troubled me two decades later, but I voted for her as if my life depended on it, because the alternative was an unqualified, race-baiting, sexually predatory clown.”


Did Murka EVER have “a sense of decency” ?


Here’s the thing: people like Roy Moore and Donald Trump made poor decisions years ago and rather than owning them and moving on to a higher evolutionary state, they choose to remain troglodytes in denial. Denial means they haven’t learned any lessons from their poor behavior. Rather than grow as persons, they will continue to make and execute poor decisions on your behalf in the future because their denial continues to be reinforced by people who put politics ahead of morals.


Yes - I understand there was a morning on December 6, 1865, an afternoon on August 14, 1935, and a few minutes on July 30, 1965 …


why should they learn any lessons from their poor behavior? bottom line is money and power (which people like them obtain)… and most of the time, the driving emotion is fear exhibited as hate.


Perhaps I’m naïve as well, but in a country where anyone who’s paying attention has every reason to be cynical about the integrity of politicians, what if a party faced with this decision stated unequivocally that its candidate had violated the essence of its proclaimed principles, and was withdrawing its support

And did so precisely for that reason?

I’d like to think that such an ethical act would do more for the realization of its stated goals than sticking with the slimeball in their name.

It’s a moot point, at least regarding the major parties, but maybe one worth pondering.


Many Americans think one corporate owned political Party is worse or better than the other corporate owned one…and will continue to vote corporate ! LOL! The majority of American voters are seriously brainwashed by decades of commercial TV and media misinformation. It’s not the fake news or fake leadership but Americans not realizing their own limited growth economy is fake and bankrupted by and for multi-national corporations that have secured most of its own looted wealth outside of America.


The thing about Moore and Trump is they’re both accused of going after very young females. Trump even admitted it with his remarks about " walking in " on beauty contestants in Jr. Beauty Pageants. Moore has so much smoke around him on this subject he’s about to self-start into a towering inferno.
That’s not the same thing as uncouth clowning and, even groping. It’s really not in the same zip code, actually. Trump & Moore are what my female co-workers call " serious creepers ". As if they own multiple white, windowless delivery van-type " creeper rigs ".
And that is, as Mr. Bunch says, scraping along the bottom of the barrel of politics and also a whole bunch of other barelly stuff. It’s truly a thing your minds’ eye can’t ever unsee.
Is it time for President Trump to just face up to his own words and admitted actions? And come clear, finally? That’s where Congress needs to start, here.
Then, Roy Moore is next. After that, Conyers, Franken, Barton and all the rest can face the music.
But, a " serious creeper " as POTUS? Really?


It’s not just the inbreeding. It’s the christianity.


I prefer to describe it as Religious Fanaticism.

Their so-called Faith is perverted by their Hate.

Their Hate completely negates their so-called Christian self identification.


In addition to the Religious Fanaticism the ubiquitous media images of sex, war and crime on the tube and otherwise, the lack of effective schools and tribalism are resulting in the Fall of the Empire. Until the citizens loses everything there will be no revolution/change. Until people stop looking for a LEADER to save them, there will be no changes.


What’s running our world, politics, economy, and the rest is called ‘patriarchal death cult.’ How do we stop it without joining?


Yes! Why is it so important to have a republican in the senate and to appoint right wingnut judges? The only answer I can see is to give those fetuses their rights! And yes, that does seem to be the result of years of inbreeding , and may I add probably drinking rotgut whiskey also! Please let these numbnuts secede already!


How about if we have more men of all parties and cultures step up to the plate?


Why pick on schools and teachers? How about picking on the MIC, and the banksters of Wall Street? Sick and tired of the old school put down.


I agree with you- hate due to fear of the others, need for control and resentment due to poverty and ignorance.