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Many in Press Fall for Trump's Non-Apology on Retweet of Anti-Muslim Hate

Many in Press Fall for Trump's Non-Apology on Retweet of Anti-Muslim Hate

Juan Cole

In the course of Trump’s softball interview with his friend Piers Morgan, he said he’d be willing to apologize for retweeting three tweets by a member of a British far right racist group, Britain First, which has about 1,000 members.

Regardless of the general theme of this article, the information that violent crime in the UK is falling is inaccurate as it has risen by 14% in the last year alone, a lot of it due to a rise in teenagers carrying knives.


Your link pointed out a fairly large numbers of police lay offs coinciding with the rise in crime, as well as changes in how crimes are reported. Interesting.


Thanks as always to Professor Cole for his contributions to truth - trump will never apologize for anything, as that implies some basic level of integrity and recognition/admission of error - he is incapable of both.

As far as “Have they (NPR) become Pravda?” NPR having become a version of Pravda has been the case for a long time, especially regarding Israel and parroting Israeli propaganda - occupation and illegal colonization of occupied territory, contempt for International Law and UN resolutions, official state racism and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians and Bedouin, deporting African refugees, and Israeli subversion of America, among much else.


In the alt-right world apologies are a sign of weakness. So is human decency. Trump is seen as their strongman who can take America back for white people. What many of us view a progress in human rights the alt-right views as stealing the country from white Christians who founded it. Of course they ignore that native people lived here for thousands of years before the first settlers from Europe arrived.


NPR = "Not Public Radio"
My mother worked assiduously to help establish a PBS where we lived in the 60s/70s. “Public” has become Owellified beyond belief in the MEAN time.


I absolutely loathe NPR. I haven’t listened for more than about one minute at a time in many years. Just long enough to confirm once again that every single news talking head sucks up to the Corporate State and in the most annoying happy happy gosh enthusiastic gee golly whiz delivery.

Just thinking of it is making me cringe.

Time for some Frank Zappa to clear that horrid memory from my bird brain.


And don’t forget, NPR’s running cover for the torture psycho-logists employed by the CIA and Pentagon. I will never ever forget the interview of the Ombudswoman Alicia Shepard by my local NPR station.

In that interview, she stated that she stood by NPR’s decision to not speak of torture, but rather “enhanced interrogation techniques”, and in fact she counseled reporters to stick to that during that time.

She was absolutely an apologist, intentionally so, for torture.

I had a rather long conversation with her, after I left her a dispassionate but very critical message regarding NPR’s FOX like coverage of the “town hall meetings” being crashed by the Tea Party during the time that “the public option” was being secretly killed by Obama himself. The coverage I was complaining about, which was all the rage in the MSM, was reporting the Tea Party as a grass roots rising, which in those days it was absolutely not. It raised its ugly head through various fake-grassroots websites that were sponsored by Koch Brothers and others.

She of course defended completely such coverage giving equal weight to the organized crashing of those town halls where the vast majority of people were pushing for a major restructuring of health care including a public option.

NPR hated the public option, along with their corporate sponsors.

Cluck off NPR.


Yeh, that as well. The austerity chickens are now coming home to roost in every area it was implemented.

The passing of Robert Parry brings out with painful eloquence what a pack of braying asses the likes of Juan Cole and his ilk are.

In my city, budget constraints (circa 2008) forced police lay offs…and then crime dropped.

It still hovers at that lower level, too.

That’s odd. Maybe it’s that, with fewer police, fewer crimes get recorded in the stats. In the UK the police don’t have enough resources anymore, or so they claim, and many calls go ignored. Many people no longer bother reporting some crimes.