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'Many Workers Will Suffer': Days After Election, Trump Quietly Freezes Wages of Farm Laborers

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/09/many-workers-will-suffer-days-after-election-trump-quietly-freezes-wages-farm


Racist and exploitive, that pretty much sums up conservatism.


They have globalized capitalism we must globalize unionS.


Like his deliberate caging of children and separating immigrant parents from their babies, this action is typical of the racism and brutal cruelty of the Fat Orange Fuhrer and his minions.
These farmworkers are already suffering tremendously, the job itself is backbreakingly hard, and he delights in adding to their suffering.
Makes you wonder why Latinx voters bought into Trump more in 2020 than in 2016.


Let’s never forget how vengeful the troglodytes are. We may never understand them, but we must never underestimate them.


“Never underestimate” indeed ! There is no limit to what cult members will do to protect the cult and its leader, and few will ever leave the cult…ever…not even many years after the leader dies.

The results of most US elections during my lifetime confirm that Stockholm Syndrome was epidemic in the US even before it was identified nearly a half century ago, and far more Americans are afflicted with Stockholm Syndrome today than will ever be afflicted with Covid-19.

Expect the GOP to figuratively re-enact Sherman’s 1865 march to the sea during the next two months…at our expense of course.


The scorched earth method of presidential transition. Only The Donald would be vengeful enough to implement this. Revenge is his natural reaction of any slight, the mother of all which we have just given him.

It’s going to be bad, but can you imagine where we would be if the Pfizer vaccine news had come out a few days before the election?


Trump’s vengeance is hitting the food market. It’s his way of escalating suffering and hunger. In good time his evil actions are to be undone as the world moves on. He is to be forgotten as he throws his temper tantrums in isolation as nobody cares to listen anymore.


That pretty much sums up capitalism, as well.


Race is not necessarily determinative of gullibility.

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The new administration needs to fix this immediately upon taking office… Trumpists (republicans) need to be opposed at every turn, no compromise, no quarter, and politically destroyed at every level…


IF Biden were sincere and diligent, sure. His team SHOULD be compiling a l-o-n-g list of Trump’s executive orders to be IMMEDIATELY overturned on Day 1.

However, Biden is not a dedicated honest servant of The People. No doubt his team is working up a few high-profile EOs to overturn with fanfare. But don’t wait on him to dig deep.


Some may wonder what evil actually looks like? NOW YOU KNOW!


The new administration is too busy putting the old band of
mass murders back together to be bothered with mundane
notions of social justice.


The simple fact that his presidency immediately follows the most corrupt, fascistic, electoral college installed president in all of our history, might be motivation enough to steer completely clear of any semblance of his predecessor’s misdeeds.

Then again, he most definitely is a “Corporate Warmongering Democrat.”

That would be too nice, when Donnie is feeling so FU.

At least nationalize unions by having a government option.

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Hi Smerl:

Maybe it will be necessary for Trump to hire food tasters for all his meals. He really shouldn’t F*** with food workers! : 0


Politics are hard to understand, and I cite Florida’s voting patterns from the recent election.

Who are the “farm laborers”? Aren’t these laborers overwhelmingly Hispanic? Hispanic men voted strongly for Trump in Florida, and this news report cites the troubles that Trump now causes them.

Trump bites the hand that feeds him.

Trump is livid at the deep state for it’s actions to undermine him. Nothing would piss them off more than a pardon of those people.