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Mapping a World From Hell

Mapping a World From Hell

Tom Engelhardt

76 countries are now involved in Washington’s war on terror.

"There was then just one country targeted, the very one where, a little more than a decade earlier, the U.S. had ended a long proxy war against the Soviet Union during which it had financed, armed, or backed an extreme set of Islamic fundamentalist groups, including a rich young Saudi by the name of Osama bin Laden." (Photo: Alisdare Hickson/flickr/cc)

Over a single lifetime; over a single generation; over an epoch, are cycles that are observable. There are, among others, biological cycles, human cycles, hemispheric cycles, planetary cycles and galactic cycles.

A single lifetime can mirror an entire epoch, particularly if there are institutions that systematically force certain aspects of certain cycles. The choices made - say in the western and specifically US patterns, are cycles defined by a perversion of ideation, a theory, a painful paranoia born of pretending that whatever it wants defines the parameters … or else it kills, maims, distorts and isolates - in any combination and variation thereof.

The intensification of the inversions have entered an exponential feedback dynamic that most notably characterized by bullying dismissal in ‘externalization’ according to its narcissistic deity, an economic theory that conflates notions of ‘black holes’ with its inverse, constant growth as its whip and drug- which it DEMANDS, under threat of harm, that ALL submit to.

By any other measure, these characteristics are the profile of death throes, but should never be underestimated in terms of unbridled viciousness and cunning.


The costs of the wars on terror? How long before that narrative is changed to: THE WAR PROFITS ON TERROR! And a list of the people in the US who are the major beneficiaries of these egregious war profits who have the blood of so many innocent " terrorists" on their bloody hands! How much longer are Americans going to allow themselves to be brainwashed and conned by the racket of the war profiteers?


Nice little map of the spread of our disease, our cancer has spread throughout most of the body now, 39%, vital organs are starting to fail. Death is imminent.


The US perpetual worldwide wars are embraced by establishment Democrat and Republican Party power structures. There are significant resource allocations including time, money, and personnel, dedicated to perpetuating these wars. Significant sectors of the US economy are involved with providing the software, equipment, arms, analysis, etc. that are used in the espionage and military activities.

Without a some major disruption such as a nuclear war, economic collapse, or a widespread, robust and persistent peace and justice movement, it is likely that these wars will continue for at least another generation.


Great Article. Sums up the problem. It seems that the best industry for capitalism is the military and that is where all the jobs are. Kids go to college and get out with a liberal-arts degree and have no marketable skill even though they may owe 100 K in college loans. If they can’t make their payments, no one will hire them even if there is a job because they have a bad credit record. So the only solution is to go into the military after high school and learn how to use the marvelous weapons our capitalist society provides. In the future, there will be massive breakdown in society because of global warming, ecocide and overpopulation. But if all the youth were to skip college, join the army and learn to kill people in half the countries of the world, they would have a job, no college debt, and the most important skill that the capitalists will need: killing any one that stands in the way of their pathological greed.




Call it what it is…world domination.


Let’s get working on that “widespread, robust and persistent peace and justice movement.” It worked once in my lifetime.


Thanks to Tom Engelhardt for this important article. Sometimes this most crucial of all the issues facing us gets lost amid the Trump obsessions (both pro and anti) and the endless variety of red-herring issues the media keep serving up to us.

This should be at the top of all “resistance” agendas: END ALL WARS NOW. TOTAL MORATORIUM ON ALL COMBAT MISSIONS WORLDWIDE.

The Russians, among others, would come running to the negotiating table.


A very apt analogy, Ditton!

Thank you, Tom Engelhardt, for putting the word ‘war’ in quotation marks, at least some of the time in this article.

The power of language to coerce thought should not be underestimated.

Once upon a time – in October 2001, to be exact – Washington launched its war on terror

You mean, the month before.


YES! What he said.:rooster:

Remember JFKs idea of the Peace Corp? Send help to teach people how to grow their own food, raise their own fish, dig wells build roads maybe start a cottage industry. Because hungry, insecure populace become fractious and are easy targets for subversive terrorist groups. Oh right ! corporations become rich selling war not teaching self sufficiency. My view of the distant future will be a populace just trying to survive on this polluted burned-out planet.

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