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Mapping the American War on Terror


Mapping the American War on Terror

Stephanie Savell

In September 2001, the Bush administration launched the “Global War on Terror.” Though “global” has long since been dropped from the name, as it turns out, they weren’t kidding.



“All told, it should be clear that another kind of grand plan is needed to deal with the threat of terrorism both globally and to Americans—one that relies on a far smaller U.S. military footprint and costs far less blood and treasure. It’s also high time to put this threat in context and acknowledge that other developments, like climate change, may pose a far greater danger to our country.”

The US military is well informed on the science behind anthropogenic global climate change. (I sat through many meetings with a fair amount of polished brass in CENTCOM in Tampa over a decade-and-a-half ago to witness this.) The conundrum they face is that effective mitigation would pose an existential threat to the structure and missions of the military. They will wage war with reality up until the end. “We like war. We are a war-like country,” said the Late Great George Carlin.

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The answer isn’t so much about what the USA should do to stop terrorism. Rather the answer should involve more of what the USA should stop doing that causes people to want to commit acts of terrorism against the USA.



The GWOT is nothing more than Neo-Colonialism , designed to ensure that the resources of the Countries in question are controlled by the Colonial powers Corporations, its economy under the thumb of the Western Banking system , with the IMF and World Bank acting as Sugar Daddies punishing or rewarding the Country in question depending how well they play along and with the USA ensuring the Countries in question continue to use the US dollar in foreign transactions.

Afghanistan , as example, as well over 1 trillion dollars worth in natural resources and the Indian press reported BEFORE 9/11 that the US Government had informed other Governmnets in the region that they were going to invade Afghanistan and remove its Government.

A more accurate headline would read “Mapping US Colonies Worldwide that are part of its Empire”.



I feel are the enablers in all of this. You never win throwing yourself in the middle of a family dispute.



That requires a change in government policy and we are so far down the rabbit hole it seems impossible for any change. But to paraphrase Mr. Chris Hedges we fight not because we think we will win but because we must.

I just mailed in my check for Tulsi because after reading about her and her website which is different that anything we have heard in more than fifty years.



Exactly: a change in gov’t policy. That’s exactly what I’ve been advocating for years… We don’t need new alphabet soup secret security agencies nor do we need a wall. I agree we are in deep but we also have to change the policies sometime. There is a massive clean up job that will need to be done. I was hoping that Obama would get a move on in that direction but we know how that went.

There’s been a couple other commentators here on CD who I respect who also support Tulsi. As such, I’m going to have to look into supporting Tulsi too. Thanks.



The other day I received an e-mail from my worthless congressman asking YES or NO should the budget deficit be reduced. No or yes answer is not enough so I wrote what should be corrected and that was the military spending and the war economy needs to go and why.