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'Maps Will Be Redrawn': Massive #ExxonKnew Iceberg Breaks From Antarctica


'Maps Will Be Redrawn': Massive #ExxonKnew Iceberg Breaks From Antarctica

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"Good morning to everyone except the 100 companies responsible for 71% of greenhouse gas emissions since 1988."
—Kate Aronoff, In These Times

One of the largest icebergs on record—weighing in at approximately one trillion tonnes and encompassing an area comparable in size to the state of Delaware—has finally broken away from the Larson C Ice Shelf, an event that has long been anticipated by scientists monitoring West Antarctica through satellite imagery.


As worriesome as this may be, it would have been cool to be there and hear it break off.


“While scientists acknowledged that it is unclear whether this particular event was caused by a warming climate”

I think that I will hold off on the ExxonKnew name until scientists are more sure of the cause of this event but potentially this could be a very big deal. If much of the remaining ice shelf breaks off in the future this will mean that there will not be enough ice shelf left to hold back the ice sheet on land and this large ice sheet could then begin sliding toward the sea. If that happens there would be a significant additional rise in sea level. Scientists have a good idea of how much ice shelf is needed to continue to hold back the ice sheet. No doubt they will be watching the remaining Larsen C ice shelf very closely to see what happens.


Interesting this event coincides with Net Neutrality Day. A new iceberg has been set adrift in our real world just as the FCC prepares to set We the People adrift in the virtual world.


I was in Stockholm in the '80s during one of the coldest winters in 100 years. One night we woke up to massive BOOMS that went on for weeks. It was ice swelling, breaking and riding up over the Baltic coastline. I can’t even imagine what the sonics of the calving must have been like!


I think it is a cop-out and blame-shifting to put responsibility for global warming on oil companies - they are only producing a product that too many people are buying in excessive quantities.


The new Commissioner of the FCC is a grinning whore (watch interviews with him, he is insufferable) for massive media and its attempts to make money through consolidations and mergers and constrict the Net so that it will harder for Americans to find out the truth about how they are being screwed by Corporate America.
Just another of Trumpo the Klown’s appalling appointments.


It is certainly appropriate for ExxonMobil as they knew back in the 70s that this was an ongoing problem and did whatever they could to suppress the reporting of it and to obfuscate the issue by funding hack institutions that were in the business of denying the potentials of global warming.


Just like it was a terrible thing for the tobacco companies to have to pay damages for a product they knew to be hazardous to your health, right? In fact, they should go right on telling people that smoking is good for you:


Yesterday at 10:38 UTC there was a 5.0 earthquake in the Scotia Sea - must have been the proverbial straw.


I think your comment has some merit although for many people on the left virtually all that is bad is blamed on large corporations just like on the right everything is blamed on big government. But is is well known that Exxon funded a large disinformation campaign on global warming in the 1990s. At that time of course it was quite clear that global warming had the potential to be catastrophic and the initial IPCC report on global warming had already been issued and the UN was already having annual international climate meetings. So Exxon not only hid what they knew but was actively disseminating false information to prevent action. That being said, I think there is plenty of blame to go around and probably most American deserve some share of the blame. Despite what we now know I do not see any reduction of SUVs on the road. Flying is increasing not decreasing. People are still eating large quantities of meat and diary and I do not expect that to change. People are still filling their houses with all sorts of things, many probably not necessary. Overall I would say oil companies, and particularly Exxon, deserves more blame than anything else but oil companies should not take all the blame. It is a vast problem and certainly in developed countries and in countries with emerging economies the blame should be widespread. We need action from the highest level of government, all lower levels of government, all types of businesses and institutions, and individuals…


No one mentions animal agribusiness. They contribute more to global warmer and environmental destruction than any other industry.


And they are also spending millions of dollars for lobbyists and millions more to fund denier factories like Heartland. They’ve done everything that they can to insure that their profits aren’t threatened by global warming.

They are not “filling” a market. They are creating one.


Ah, no. There is no difference between feeding a cow corn silage and hay, and burning biofuel for power. Both processes recycle CO2 without increasing the amount of greenhouse gases. And in the case of cattle, some of the carbon gets sequestered in animal tissue, either the cow herself or in the person who eats the cow or drinks her milk. That doesn’t happen with burning biofuels.