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March For Our Lives Demands End to 'Generation Lockdown' Following Latest School Shooting

March For Our Lives Demands End to 'Generation Lockdown' Following Latest School Shooting

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

March For Our Lives, the gun violence prevention movement, called for an end to #GenerationLockdown following the latest school shooting.

Two suspects opened fire at the Denver-area STEM School Highlands Ranch Tuesday. Kendrick Castillo, 18, died. He was just days away from graduation. Eight others were injured.

This shooting happened in the same area as Columbine, and in one of the richest, most right-wing counties in the country, and a neighboring county of El Paso County, center of the Christian right, and arguably the center of the military industrial complex in Colorado Springs.

Michael Moore pointed this out in Bowling For Columbine. This type of violence is never going away as long as the institutionalized violence, hatred and exploitation of militarized, Christian capitalism exists. Indeed it will keep getting worse.

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Uhhhhh the shooters were Anti-Christian, pro LGBT extremist’s and the younger one was actually transmale???

What is your source on that?
Seeing as how every single mass shooting in 2018 was perpetrated by right wing extremists one would think a break in that pattern should warrant a headline or two.

Like everyone actually this is now widely reported (not by CNN though). I can’t think of a single mass shooting that was done by a right wing extremist unless James Hodgkinson was confused when he targeted Republicans. I guess Omar Mateen or Nidal Hasan would count but then that confuses things as can one be both a right wing “extremist” and a Democrat? Devon Erickson’s Facebook makes clear he loves Obama and hates Christians you can read it all yourself as it publically visible if any of this matters but the idea of Trump supporters or Christian gunmen is a total left wing fantasy like the evil RUSSIANS!.

And that would prove my point.

That you want to kill anyone who disagrees with you too?

Use some critical thinking.

I’m glad to see that the anti-gun crowd hasn’t overwhelmed this thread.
What’s in our heads that causes so much unresolveable pain and need for revenge?
Something in our culture or daily environment is making people desperate.
We have always had rifles, pistols and shotguns around the house, so we can’t blame our psychosis on guns. We are in some cases mentally weak, to the point of irrational thought and resolve.
People that distraught would, in days gone by, just do themselves in. Not take others along. There is something in the air that we have to discover and deal with.