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March for Science Sweeps Cities Around the World

March for Science Sweeps Cities Around the World

Nika Knight, staff writer

Scientists in cities around the globe are celebrating Earth Day by taking to the streets to defend their work from the heightened political attacks of the anti-science Trump administration.

These should be antiwar rallies.


The Onion nails it once again:
U.S. Funneling Arms To Dissident Angel Group In Effort To Topple God

Following Goebbels’ play book including serially contriving more enemies that only the divine leader can protect his followers from, not only scientists, but facts, logic, evidence and science itself are now on Trump’s ever growing list of enemies, creating a dynamic whereby the more facts, logic, evidence and science is put in front of Trump supporters, the deeper they dig in to support and defend the divine Trump.

I’d like to see a fullscale war on the bullshit masquerading as science Monsanto and other industrial chemical/agriculture corporations are selling.


Indirectly, they are anti-war rallies, because once fossil fuels are eliminated, there will be no need for American armies to protect foreign oil.


These photos show the resilience in the American people. We aren’t ready to drink the koolaid of fraudulent fascism and remain focused on our survival in spite of all the tired diversions of war and fear.
Over a thousand citizens in my 75K town marched this morning with many of the same signs. One US Senator, one US Representative, and the Mayor all spoke in favor of clean air, water, and appropriate EPA regulations to insure our continued life on this planet for ourselves and our kids,

Even though there was a large rally there yesterday, you’d never have known anything like it happened on local Cleveland TV. Nothing on any of the three major network stations either at 6 or 11, while they did have plenty of air time to cover the funeral for the victim of the Facebook killer from last weekend, and a local house fire.