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March Madness: Sanders Takes Michigan in Huge Upset


March Madness: Sanders Takes Michigan in Huge Upset

Robert Borosage

Bernie Sanders shocked the political world with a stunning victory in the Michigan primary Tuesday night, coming back from 20 percent down in polling to win by some 2 percent of the vote. After all the weeks of commentary about Bernie Sanders’ problem with black voters, the spotlight after Michigan will turn to Hillary Clinton’s problem with white male voters, young voters and independents.


I'll give this to the Clinton cabal: they knew to keep her hidden as long as possible. Her venom does her no favor.


I get to vote in Florida this week. Yeah!!!!

I hope Sanders wins here!


I saw that show this morning and felt the same way about Dolores Huerta. After reading and watching Brown, Black as well as "Feminist" people support Secretary Clinton, I can only conclude that the majority of them are jostling among themselves for cabinet positions and embassy appointments. Then the Clinton perception management team will brag about how many people of color and women she has brought into government. It will however be the same corporate government. Hey Hillary, how about the ambassadorship to Andorra?



The delegate count has been manipulated by the MSM and others to enhance the "inevitability" of Clinton.
Here's an accurate look at Dem superdelegates and committed delegates won in primary contests.....



Being motivated by possible plum appointments from Clinton if she gets elected is by far the best explanation to date of why minorities are supporting her.

The longer black lives matter (BLM) deny the economic connection to racism, the more irrelevant they will become.


"Clinton won those most concerned with experience and electability."

What the hell are the people going on regarding "electability"? Nothing at all to back that up at this point in time, all facts point in the opposite direction. Just goes to show the power of propaganda. Job well done team Clinton!


Sadly, she's going to be eaten alive by Trump this fall. He's taking notes from Bernie and will shape his message to pick up a sizable portion of his vote in the Rust belt. Nobody is buying her economic message of more of the same. Maybe, she's hoping disaffected Repubs. will vote for her this fall. It's going to be interesting to watch as she tries to win this without the youth vote which has been a vital element of the Obama coalition in the past.


Elect-ability because they voted for her is what they think.


I like BLM, and feel somewhat uncomfortable talking about BLM as if they are a monolith (lots of people involved with lots of different opinions), but if they or anyone thinks that economics isn't fundamental to racism, they're nuts. There was a reason why the Civil Rights movement was very much focused on economics, so were black thinkers that pre-dated the Civil Rights era. It is one thing to say that economics alone won't end institutional racism, but there is no way to do so without a strong economics component. How in the world do you do something about institutional power without discussing economic power, which groups have or haven't benefited from particular policies, which groups benefit from gentrification and displacement, de-industrialization, inequality, private debt, etc?


Sanders won unmarried women and men, married men while losing married women.

Hey, "Hillary" wives, you're making the rest of us married women look bad.


Perhaps some blacks' reticence to connect the economic and racism dots stems from Martin Luther King's (MLK) legacy. As long as MLK's efforts focused on civil rights and ignored the complicit oligarchy, the oligarchs didn't bother him. It was only when he illuminated the military industrial complex's profitable Viet Nam occupation and economic inequality that MLK was caught in the oligarchs' crosshairs.


King focused on economics and poverty throughout his life. He stated numerous times that he supported democratic socialism and economics was central to that. He did piss them off though with his opposition to the war in Vietnam, his "Beyond Vietnam" speech is pretty amazing.


Yes. Gotta wonder if HRC promised BLM something. If you're upset over how blacks are treated, Bernie is your man, and has been for years.

Go Cornell, Spike, and many others who are backing Bernie because they know that Bernie will honestly help all working and poor classes and HRC will hurt them with her handing everything over to the corporations.


HRC will put the cherry on the top for the corporations having all the power, economic and otherwise, with her TPP and her Wall St. buddies.


Even though poll after poll shows otherwise....


Of course. This is just the cream of the entire fraudulent exercise, and it happens at EVERY general elections. Those who think Clinton actually "won" Iowa and a few other states are still slaves of the huge brainwashing machinery that has always been part and parcel of the political system. "Electability" had been used against any who refused to be taken in by the corporatocracy - it was one one the words bandied about very early in the Jesse Jackson campaign too. Against Mondale, instead of focusing on issues, the MSM created out of the blue the "wimp" factor. And so on and so forth. Sanders, and the American people, will again be denied their wish for a just, humane, country. But as Bernie says, the fight must go on, even or ESPECIALLY after the elections. Never give up.


A real bad night for the pollsters although they did come close in Mississippi if that is any consolation.