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'March of Shame’: Tens of Thousands of Israelis Protest Against Netanyahu, Corruption

'March of Shame’: Tens of Thousands of Israelis Protest Against Netanyahu, Corruption

- Common Dreams staff

If charged, Netanyahu would come under heavy pressure to resign.

Tens of thousands Israelis take part in a protest against corruption in Tel Aviv, December 2, 2017.

YES!!! Applause for those who were out there standing up for themselves and others.


We the People simply must hold a “March of Shame” here in every state of the nation to protest the abuse of office of every politician complicit in this Tax Scam.

Anyone agree, or disagree?

You’d think the minority party would be instrumental in organizing said protest, however, we shall never see that from that bunch.


The ideology of fascism is racing like an out-of-control wildfire across the globe on several continents, in several countries. Israel is no exception. It is heartbreaking that the once oppressed have become the oppressor. We need to do what tens of thousands in Tel Aviv did…


Yes, Bibi and Trump belong in prison. Now, I would be really impressed if these Israelis were to protest and fight for the end of their nation’s oppression of the Palestinians.


I know everyone posting on this site already knows that Netanyahu, the Israeli government and the complicit United States government and media are loathsome and horrendous beyond words. If you have not yet seen the documentary, The Occupation of the American Mind, I recommend watching it and suggesting it to others. If you have access to Kanopy, you can watch it there or order it from the Media Education Foundation.


Sadly I have a feeling nothing is going to happen. Sorry everybody for bring the mood down

Had no idea this had been going on weekly – !!
How wonderful to see…

Every time the Israel people have had a leader for peace, he has been
assassinated by the right wing there. And their hopes buried.

Maybe it will inspire us here, as well?



The perfect answer to A Zionist-

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Am I not remembering correctly, or last time he was head of state he was under similar charges?

How strangely similar to the anti-Trump rallies! That is, all the focus is on personality, none on policy. No hint that, in both cases, it’s the entire system, the entire society, that is wrong and unjust and needs to be changed.

If all you do is get rid of the person–Nutandyahoo or Drumpf–the problems remain.

And that, I think, is the point.

None of these people want to do away with Israeli apartheid. And, similarly, getting rid of the capitalist system, and all the overseas wars, is the furthest thing from the minds of the majority of middle-class “feminists” rallying against Trump.

All they want is someone to put a nicer face on the culture of death.

But we know all about the latest royal love affair don’t we? Gil Scott-Heron had it right. What we get to see and hear from corporate media is now the exclusive province of the oligarchy.

Wasn’t there some sort of rebellion or something on this continent to throw off the rule of monarchy and royal privilege? Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. That refrain is very much older than The Who. Before it was rock n’ roll it was the blues. Well, I been down so god-damned long, that it looks like up to me.

And! I’ll guess that as soon as this tax scam shit is secure the sexual harassment media coverage will disappear. Just sayin’. I have the unfortunate habit of watching Up-Chuck Toad on Sunday mornings, ( yea, I know, a streak of masochism) and Sunday before last he and his overlords would allow neither party’s elected guest to talk about the tax bill but would only allow discussion of the sexual “scandal” that the media delights in wallowing around in. Enough to make you puke.


Give it a rest 1878

Try today for relevance

Of course don’t you have some homes to bulldoze


What government??? Geez

“Jack Green” - A staunch supporter of the Zionist Reich spewing the hasbara line of hate and racism! Every word you wrote is a fabrication and inverse reality turning truth on its head! The Zionist ethnic cleansing of Palestine to take territory by force to be for Jews only was pre-meditated since the early Jewish terrorist groups and continues to this very moment!

We all saw the contempt for Palestinian lives by the IDF in Gaza using banned and indiscriminate weapons - your rubbish racist propaganda lies speak volumes

Your contempt for the truth in Palestine tells the very ugly story of Israeli destruction of Palestinian culture…the subversion of US politics, elections, foreign policy by Israel will one day be exposed for the threat and treason it is!!




Well done, E! Thank you.

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Just –

Well, looks like Royals morphed into corporations … who now have full human rights
thanks to a corrupt/corporate Supreme Court. Still we try to unravel Palace Intrigues.

In fact, we had immense betrayal by Our Founders who … while proclaiming “all are equal”…
actually created an Elite Patriarchy …*

Re the Sexual Harassment scandals …

" …he and his overlords would allow neither party’s elected guest to talk about the tax bill but would only allow discussion of the sexual “scandal” that the media delights in wallowing around in. Enough to make you puke."

they are as real and valid as the tax scandal.

Sexual harassment of women continues the war on women which
prevents them from taking their rightful place in patriarchal societies
all over the world – and additionally leaves all children vulnerable to
mistreatment and sexual abuse.

We have only to look at the Victorian Era in Great Britain to find
children on the streets as young as 10-12 years of age selling their bodies.

We have only to look at the “Robber Baron” Era in the US where we had
child labor and children as young as 4 years old working in factories –
and where women and children were mistreated and sexually abused.

And today in America and around the world we have sex trafficking rising
as the right wing rises – adult women and young males and young children
being trafficked with routes not only coming through the US, but originating

Granted we have a corporate/CIA press which is lying to the public.
In order to even begin to understand all of this …

See: Operation Mockingbird — scroll down to “History” — which was being written two years before the end of WWII.

See: Operation Paperclip — Wiki’s figures are low — at the minimum 64,000+ which included families but more likely 200,000 according to Kay Griggs/YouTube.

See: Operation Gladio — US program to keep right wing governments in place in the countries over which they had control after WWII — Germany, Japan, Italy. In Italy, US actually resurrected the Mafia in order to ensure the plan would be carried out.


See: CIA’s MKULTRA which is a Mind Control program based in torture
and sexual abuse of children which was funded by our Congress.
The intent was to create “disassociation” which creates new personalities/
multiple personalities. These children were used as homosexual prostitutes,
as drug runners, and for espionage/spying for blackmail.
Additionally, it has to be understood that the HOST is not aware of the new
personalities or what they are doing. Also that these new personalities can be
programmed to speak new languages and with photographic memories.

*** NOTE --**

(For anyone who hasn’t read this before …)

In fact, we had immense betrayal by Our Founders who … while proclaiming “all are equal”…
actually created an Elite Patriarchy …
endowed them with land grants, and immense influence and control over
our people’s government, the nation’s wealth and natural resources.

Our Founders also continued the murderous campaigns of the Invaders/
discoverers who followed the Papal Edicts to “enslave or kill” Africans here
and native people here – 112 million of them.
These Edicts were based in the same violence of The Crusades and The
Inquisition which had filled the soil of Europe with blood.

Our Founders additionally saved and supported the system of Slavery for
Elites/wealthy which guaranteed the Civil War which further benefitted Elites
by splitting the nation into two camps of hatred which continue to echo today.
Even down to “The Runaway Slave Act” and into another 100 years of
Segregation after the Emancipation.

Our Founders also continued on with genocide against the native people
here to steal their land, total destroy their people - kidnapping their children
and forcing them into “Church Schools” run for the government by the Catholic
Church and the Mormon Church… where these children were abused in
every way possible, including murder and sexual abuse.

These are the “Founders” we were taught in our elementary schools to
honor and esteem.

Organized patriarchal religion underpins Elite patriarchy.

Dude you are truly disturbed

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I’m sorry I couldn’t stick around yesterday to see your reply. Won’t dispute anything you said, but I was pretty sure someone would interpret my remark as implying that the sexual harassment revelations weren’t real. They certainly are; patriarchal society is dominant here as well as most places on earth and is the framework for much abuse.

I only meant to say that the media is a tool of distraction, deflection, and outright mis-direction. Amid the hopelessly romanticized depictions of the American revolution, we have a media that endlessly fawns over the moribund, useless British royalty. WTF is their message? (That’s a redundant question.)

I’ll stick by my guess concerning the media focus on sexual harassment/ abuse revelations. Will “disappear” shortly. Mostly mind-f#$%&#g games now from the national propaganda machine.