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March on Harrisburg: What Democracy Is All About


March on Harrisburg: What Democracy Is All About

David Schwenk

Determined to pressure politicians to support three pieces of pro-democracy legislation, scores of activists set off from Philadelphia on Saturday on a 100-mile trek to the Pennsylvania state capitol. Called March on Harrisburg, this action grew out of the Democracy Spring march on Washington, DC last year, which also called for pro-democracy reform and ended with over a 1,000 arrests at the nation's capitol. Many of those involved with March on Harrisburg met through Democracy Spring.


Their website is here:


But I can't find the mentioned list.

Of course, because this article deals with real, concrete, mass action, I don't expect to seen much interest expressed among the commenters here. And no, I cant believe that I am the only Pennsylvania resident here...

But if you are - show up in Harrisburg on May 22,23, 24 or 25...


Please, yes, show up in Harrisburg starting from next Monday. All details can be found on the website that Yunzer shared. Thank you for that. I quoted Jonathan about the list. I will contact him now and find out how to find it. That is very important information. I will try to post the link in the comments when I get it.


Thanks for the response. Now all I need to do is find some western Pennsylvania/Pittsburgh contacts. The Thomas Merton Center would have once been involved in this, but they have retreated from anything legislative or "political" it seems...


When I was a kid growing up in Pennsylvania, a long 50+ years ago, PA and Wisconsin were two of the most progressive states in the country. My, how the mighty have fallen. Western PA was one of the cradles of unionism, where average workers were physically attacked by the police, army, and paid corporate thugs yet "still they prevailed". Now all their hard fought gains are being sold to the highest bidder by politicians who peddle fear, racism and shame as policy to those they see as below them. I no longer live in the USA but I'm with you in spirit brothers and sisters. To co-opt a line from El Presidente Naranja Mentiroso (who stole it from Ronnie Raygun), Make Pennsylvania Great.


You are right. Only Wisconsin and North Carolina are worse when it comes to gerrymandering. Pennsylvania used to be a cradle of unionism...shows how money has really corrupted our politics and exerts great pressure on people and politicians to tow a certain line. Thanks for engaging!


Great article Dave...we must continue to call out the crooks, and drag vermin like rep. Daryl Metcalf from under their desks ! We have exposed them for what they are, now the citizens must follow suit !