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March to the 'Palace Gates': Thousands March Against Trump Outside Mar-A-Lago


March to the 'Palace Gates': Thousands March Against Trump Outside Mar-A-Lago

Jon Queally, staff writer


"It doesn’t seem like you can be an effective president if half the country hates you,"

It is probably somewhat more than half and as he wrecks foreign policy and the promised jobs never materialize that percentage should grow. An if you are psychologically unfit to be president there is not hope of being effective anyway. A childish, poorly read, impulsive, super narcissist will never make an effective president and should never be president in the first place.


Agreed, but we've gotta vote in 2018. Protests won't be enough. All the GOP needs is three more states and they'll be able to change the Constitution itself. That would be utterly devastating.

That means, if you see the contest is close in your district, especially legislative, you need to set perfection aside and vote for the Democrat if it comes down to Dem vs Republican. Obviously that formula works the other way if it features an independent who is progressive, etc., versus a Republican. We face an election where everyone's vote counts.

If you think things are already bad, just imagine Trump with the power to change the Constitution. And you're lying if you don't think he and his party won't use that power. It would happen fast.


When Republicans hear about someone else changing the almighty Constitution, treason and extremism are shouted from the rooftops.
When Republicans want to change the Constitution, it is for national security and to make America great again.
Funny how that works huh?


Too bad I'm serious. They are close to a complete win. It's up to all of us to set our niche issues aside and think about what it will mean if they can amend the Constitution. It really is not that far from happening. Every issue we discuss and argue about on here will be meaningless if they get that power. That's why I'll be walking the street knocking on doors even if I have to vote blue dog this time around.


Sorry - can't support the blue dog as a solution to the American power politic.
Times are stranger than strange.


Well, I don't know about your district. In mine, I'll be pragmatic. My values are going to be hurt a lot more by allowing the Republicans to change the constitution--which they will do if given the chance--than putting my vote on a pedestal.


I hear you.
However, the reflex Pub-Dem binary is self replicating with no evidence of real change. And so the circle goes, and we make it go via this binary over and over and over . . ..
There are not only two choices and somehow, yikes lol, we have to find a way that disrupts and corrects the false narrative that rules. If we vote for what we are ultimately against, let us acknowledge our subjugation and how we vote to support it. Pragmatism is our undoing. Pragmatism flourishes on the antidemocratic Dem-Pub watch. Look where we are.The vote that changes is still waiting to happen. The twitterverse rules.


This is kind of amazing...



That's funny, but horrible all the same. There are no facts, only opinions. Sadly, I feel like I've seen that a lot here. Quote a full amendment to the current budget bill, and folks still insist it says what it doesn't.


It's too late. I'll never trust another Democrat again. I've been burned too many times. For me it's only Third Parties till I die.


Keep this up! Let all the privileged folks get tired of having their very expensive dinners and golf games interrupted by the peasantry and decide that paying $200,000 for membership just ain't worth it. Since he is still well stuck into his other enterprises while he is supposed to be learning at least the preamble to the Constitution, let's make sure that doesn't go well for him. Maybe he'll decide it isn't worth it.


Unsurprising behavior from the cold-blooded leech that is Donald Trump.


Way to go Floridians! Nice to see Florida in the news on the side of justice. Please don't let Wasserman-Schultz off the hook. She had in a hand in Trump's election!


The Democratic wing of the American War Party is just as beholden to the oil/weapons industry as the Republicans...perpetual war for perpetual profits.


Your description of Mr. Trump is a good one. But if you don't like Trump, just wait a bit to find out what President Pence has in store for us...


I get it, but for me, with a six year old, ain't no way I want Republicans calling a constitutional convention.


What about the hard right wing of the Republican party, able to amend the constitution, if not outright call a constitutional convention? How does that help progressivism? They need three more states to make that happen.


The GOP establishment (which does not include djt) does not want to amend the Constitution, and actually djt's chaos keeps them too busy to create their own chaos by calling a constitutional convention to start over. There is indeed a small movement to do that, based in a number of state (ALEC) applications for amendments. As I understand it, there are sufficient applications to call a convention. but because they're all about specific pieces, it's not clear that they meet the condition to call a start-over convention (article V). And those in Congress aren't eager to put everything going on in DC on hold while they start from scratch, or take on all the little pieces.

So my suggestion is to not freak out. Deal with the situation that presents itself in your state, your Congressional District, and your legislative district. But the business of "fixing" the Constitution is one of the more remote possibilities, and it can't happen without plenty of notice.


You are right that a convention to rewrite the constitution is remote, that is unlikely to happen. But having a convention propose amending the constitution isn't. If they have both houses of Congress, plus the three more states they need, there's no doubt they'll try. That's way too big an opportunity to pass up. That's the game, quite literally. Here's a great analysis:

It is scary and I think they take it if the opportunity arises. That's why I personally am going to be pragmatic about my vote in my Congressional District this time around. If a Democrat has a real shot, I'm not taking any chances.