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Marching for Peace: From Helmand to Hiroshima


Marching for Peace: From Helmand to Hiroshima

Maya Evans

I have just arrived in Hiroshima with a group of Japanese “Okinawa to Hiroshima peace walkers” who had spent nearly two months walking Japanese roads protesting U.S. militarism. While we were walking, an Afghan peace march that had set off in May was enduring 700km of Afghan roadsides, poorly shod, from Helmand province to Afghanistan’s capital of Kabul.


Bring The Troops Home Now

Close The 700 Military Bases

Give Peace A Chance


have we not done enough damage yet? can’t we get too big for our own britches? i fear the power play between russia and the usa and wonder if our allies will remain on our side. what if some other major power decides to try to occupy us? and does it from a humanterian cause just as we have done. i am with pony boy bring the troops home,


We don’t have to worry about occupations of the U.S. That would be militarily impossible and the U.S. would blow its nukes first. We do have to worry about our nucqearized “allies,” (especially the Zionist entity that occupies Palestine) dragging us into a chain-reaction nuclear holocaust.


Imagine a UN team liberates Leonard Peltier. They abandon their support helicopters and melt into an enthralled united states population. General Surfrider is in hiding but has announced her candidacy. She and Lula d’ Silva of brazil are in communication. He won the election but is still in prison. In the US, Cosmic powered biology registers 100% and has a real political revolution. Millions in their legion write in None of the Above if they don’t have a green candidate or one that should be. A gigantic real expression of distributed human intelligence flexing focused mental muscle. And None of the Above wins!


I would like Pvnisher_ Mondejar to reveal exactly who they are ? This could be a fake account?
Whoever they are they are not a happy nor peaceful person …and seem to be quite ignorant and dont seem to know or have any idea of what ‘the coalition of the willing’ have done to the people of Afghanistan and the Middle East! Shame on you for your comments!!!


Don’t bother trying to get anything from someone like them, just flag them and move on.