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Marching for Trump Tax Transparency


Marching for Trump Tax Transparency

Sarah Anderson

Candidate Trump repeatedly promised to release his past tax returns, once they were no longer being audited. But those promises have failed to materialize, and Trump appears to have no plans to release his 2016 returns either. This makes him the first president in 40 years to conceal this information from the public.


After income taxation started in 1913, Congress enacted the first major federal income tax "reform" in 1922, with major reforms enacted by Congress every 32 years (1954 and 1986) since.

Although there is no 32 year rule, 2018 will mark 32 years since 1986 reform. Obama and Trump never stop talking about tax reform being at the top of their agenda, so expect major tax reform soon.

To this day the Democrats brag about their role in what they call "bipartisan 1986 tax reform", the first opportunity the Party had to demonstrate its bolstered commitment to corporate welfare after the 1985 Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) formation.

Sad to say that ALL of the major tax reforms have made US taxation more regressive, giving the 1% and their corporations ever more tax breaks while increasing taxes the 99% pay.

Conclusion: Grab your ankles tightly.


Mitt Romney said in 2015 that he suspected there was a bombshell in Trump's taxes. Given that Trump has still not released his tax returns and apparently intends not to do so it is hard to come to any other conclusion than his taxes do contain a bombshell or bombshells. Congress can require Trump to release his returns but so far has failed to act. Continued political pressure in required on Republican members of Congress who continue to protect Trump rather than protecting the interests of the United States.


Trump is the goose that lays the golden eggs for the GOP. There is nothing Trump could do to keep GOP electeds and Trump's base from protecting him. The only way to thwart Trump's and the GOP's agenda is electing many non Vichy Democrats or independents.


. . . And a sweeping reelection by a president who absolutely destroyed the traditional labor-backed nominee after said president publicly broke a major strike, stacked the NLRB with anti-union appointees, and initiated massive supply-side tax cuts who also campaigned on a tax reform agenda. Let's not forget those facts and pretend voters weren't part of the equation.


Voters have always been part of the equation, serially wasting their votes on silver bullet mirages rather than voting for candidates acting in voters' best interests.

As much as I do understand why Trump got as many votes in November as he did, how do we understand Trump's current approval rating in the mid thirties ? The mid teens I could understand...but the mid thirties ?


March March March, and while you are shuffling along, Please consider a nationwide, massive Fed Income Tax Boycott! STOP paying for wars, bombs, wall st and oil company subsidies, Guantanamo, etc. Just STOP! Redirect your owed taxes to local health, education, welfare, enviro, and peace programs. Use the power your money can wield - for GOOD instead of EVIL. No one goes to jail for wart tax resistance. And when millions join this campaign, the feds do not have the resources to go after your assets. This is a call for massive nonviolent direct ACTION.


I totally agree with you. It can be done and it should be done. Our states should open pubic bank accounts and we should deposit our taxes in a special fund in those local accounts, to be used by the state to make up for the federal shortfalls.

In fact, there should be a general strike. Even civilized Switzerland once held a general strike. If you don't feel that the present regime is upholding our constitution, then by all means we should strike!

By the way, does anyone know what kind of uniform folks should wear for the Tax March on the 15th (like the pink pussy hats of the women's march?)