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Marco and the Media: The Boy Who Would be King


Marco and the Media: The Boy Who Would be King

Neal Gabler

So here is how you play the media like an accordion. First, you deliver a debate performance so notably bad, so mechanical and unthinking, that you have everyone buzzing about it, even those in the media who gush over you. Then you take responsibility for being awful because, after all, you don’t want to give the impression that you might not really be responsible for uttering the words you uttered – four times.


I mean you no offense, Mr. Gabler but I find your commentary almost as simplistic and superficial as that which you are critiquing (from the mainstream sources).

Remember that TV commercial where the elderly lady protests: "Where's the beef?"

My beef (missing from commentary) is why it is that these individuals get to parade as so-called Christians and BRAG about the torture they would enact if elected when not waxing enthusiastic about advocating for MORE war and aggression?

Why is it that no pundit DARES to compare the ACTUAL teachings of Jesus, their purpoted Master... with the vile, violent, dangerous, and delusional stances this group of chicken hawks-not a one of them ever spending an ACTUAL day on a battle field, or an ACTUAL moment looking into the eyes of a newly rendered motherless child--advocates?

THAT is the story!

THAT is what needs to be called out far more than how many times Marco Rubio repeats Talking Points and looks telegenic in front of the cameras.


It seems to me that Rubio has a mild mental issue. He often becomes so thirsty that he seems to near panic if he can not have water NOW. Couple that with the debate repetitions and I have to conclude that he seems to have a screw not quite tight.


Rubio is known as an "empty suit" with a pretty face. And we all know the Repug preference for empty suits in the White House (Nixon, Reagan, GHWB, GWB, e.g.) who proved to be corporate marionettes and pentagon stooges. Obama is not a repug but he and Clinton listed toward corporate and pentagon hegemony.


I saw another newspaper headline Intelligent Robot may cost you your Job and I immediately thought of Marco Rubio.
Then I re-read the "Intelligent" part and realized my mistake.


Mr. Gabler that was great. I laughed from beginning to end. As funny as Rubio is lifeless.


Apparently the media is the massage.

(apologies to Marshall Mcluhan)


He's a female Sarah Palin with better oratory skills. No brains, lots of blathering Christian rhetoric.


Great points, Siouxrose! I've been talking til I'm blue in the face to my mom's Christian friends who blindly support the lust for money of the "free market," the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of innocents, and the use of man-made food and medicine over the Creator's, all in the name of their God. When these ignorant, arrogant "Christians" get to their pearly gates, Jesus is going to say, "ARE YOU F'ing KIDDING ME?!"

I couldn't get through the entire article before becoming bored with its redundancy. OK. We get that he's a media darling already!


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Let me get this straight. He finishes third in Iowa and fifth in New Hampshire and now he's the front runner. LMFHO


Marco is no Christian!!! He is an idol worshiper a Roman Catholic and is not an Evangelical . So how do the people in SC support him or BUSH< Kasaoc are also Roman Catholic and i don't want the pope unning this country!!


In my opinion, the MSM is even worse with their repeated pushing of Jeb Bush. Personally, I don't care for either Marco Rubio or Jeb Bush, but the MSM has pushed them both down our throats & Jeb Bush is constantly being pushed even when polling only around 3% in a particular area.


Deliberate dishonesty induces the emotions of fear and guilt which speeds up the heart rate and releases toxins into the blood stream which dry up the saliva in one's mouth. It's the erratic change in heart rate that shows up as dishonesty in lie detector tests and the dry mouth that tips off detectives that their suspect in lying. It really is that simple ... hence the reason why Rubio suddenly gets thirsty whenever he speaks.


Exactly ... the empty, materialistic and superstitious rituals of the Catholic Church demand the constant bowing before the idols of Jesus, Mary and the so-called Saints with the same misguided relish that someone might stroke his lucky rabbit's foot ... and, "God is not worshiped with men's hands as if he needed anything."
The Catholic Church is not only an empty vessel, but they have committed more evil against humanity than their so-called Devil could ever do. Why so many people see the Catholic Church as their salvation and the Pope as actually the spokesman for God, is beyond me ... it's nothing more than superstition and completely ridiculous.


Let's be honest, both Party's are owned and operated by the elite donor class and the American people have not had a representative Government in either one of our lifetimes. 94% of Obama's campaign contributions came from the financial sector ... notice how well they have done with record profits, while the rest of us eat cake!


Is this not the guy who, along with Jeffrey Lyons, used to co-host the PBS movie show called Sneak Previews? I am no more interested in the political opinions of a movie reviewer than I am in the climate science opinions of such people as Al Gore or James Inhofe.


Marco Rubio and Donald Trump keep saying that Cruz is a liar. Yet, Fox News' Bret Beier and Megyn Kelly have both revealed that Rubio was the one who lied, not Cruz. Megan said she did lots of research and got to the bottom of the issue of Marco"s accusation that Cruz supported amnesty. Cruz denied it and tried to explain his actions but was drowned out by those who supported Marco's accusation. But to Megyn's credit she actually did the research and got the truth...Cruz was telling the truth and Marco lied. Cruz quoted Marco's remarks on Univision and Marco declared Cruz lied about it saying Cruz couldn't know what He (Rubio) said because Cruz can't speak Spanish. Cruz responded in Spanish. Today on Special Report, Bret reported that Cruz was exactly right, Marco did say exactly what Cruz said during the debate. Will they make that a headline report? No, it doesn't fit the agenda of Fox News agency.
But they revealed the truth on their respective programs. Numbers USA will reveal the truth of ALL Congressional voting records. Marco Rubio's record is really, really bad. He has voted with the Dems and skipped voting altogether too many times. Another absentee President..