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Marco Rubio Uses Zika Health Scare to Burnish Anti-Choice Credentials


Marco Rubio Uses Zika Health Scare to Burnish Anti-Choice Credentials

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, currently running for re-election, has said that a pregnant woman infected with the Zika virus should not be allowed to have an abortion, despite the risk of microcephaly or other birth defects.


Rubio's despicable comment and "religious"/political manipulation show lack of any empathy or concern for the health of the mother of a Zika fetus! His astonishing, but expected, ignorance and contempt for women and children are all too typical for RepubliCons.


Another "All life is precious" hypocrite.


This article states: "Rubio's Democratic opponent, South Florida Rep. Patrick Murphy.." but fails to mention Murphy's opponent in the FL Democrat primary at the end of August, Alan Grayson. This is a very disappointing omission as Grayson is a solid and effective progressive. Forthermore, Grayson has been maligned by the Democratic leadership - who hate progressives in general. This is either very poor journalism or Common Dreams has bought into the Democrat scare tactics and will side with pseudo-Democrat Patrick Murphy who has voted consistently with the Repubs. I would like to see CD do some reporting about the Florida primary. Grayson has been running campaigns funded by small donors rather than rich corporate sponsors.


At the moment this clown is leading in the polls in Florida.
Grayson and the hand picked (by the Democratic establishment) Murphy are in a death match to win the August 30 primary to run against Rubio.
Florida voters love their Republicans.
And they love being close to the bottom when it comes to how well prepared their students are upon graduation.
The ability to think critically is not on the agenda in any of Florida's schools.


Murphy was a Republican before he was a Democrat. Five years ago.
Obama, Biden, Hillary and the rest of the Democratic establishment have endorsed him because he's a neoliberal warmonger.
Grayson is an honest to god Progressive, although he's a tad quirky and has some baggage.


Hypocrite is the right word. They all don't blink twice when they agree to killing people indiscriminately all over the world ... All Life is Precious -- YES!


"The ability to think critically is not on the agenda in any of Florida's schools."

Or between a republican's ears.


Or a large number of Democrats calling themselves Clintonites.


For one to be truly consistent (non-hypocritical) they must oppose war, the death penalty, and abortion.
Or am I wrong?


Mr. Rubio: As there will be health care expenses involved with Zika births, please reassure everyone that you will personally take responsibility for whatever they are, otherwise your announcement is invalid as there aren't going to be many mother's of Zika babies who will be able to manage their needs. Perhaps you would like to reconsider you decision. This is going to be a national problem and by indicating that a little more time needs to be taken to analyze the consequences you might just wait before throwing out your ideals in the matter. You also might want to 'walk a mile in the shoes of a Zika baby mother ' and consider how you might handle having a severely handicapped child.


Nice guy. Now if he will pay for all the medical expenses, pain and sorrow I would respect is religious butt.However, by now we Americans see through these politician phonies.Curses on his bought for soul.


Damn! That is a helluva good point you made.


Actually yes, as abortion is not a crime. It's a medical procedure.


Isn't it obvious what Marco and his fellow nuts on the religious Right want? They want us to drop all the babies with microcephaly off at his house.


Hey Florida, remember this about Marco Rubio when you all go to vote in November. "Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me."


Rubio is providing another confirmation of the Naomi Klein's Shock Doctrine's thesis that corporate politicians never let a crisis go unexploited,


So true!


Yes, you are wrong. Equating war with women's right to control their bodies is about as Rubioesdque as you can get.


Excellent comment! thank you.