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Marco Rubio's Spine Remained Intact for a Grand Total of Two Days

Marco Rubio's Spine Remained Intact for a Grand Total of Two Days

Charles P. Pierce

I have now lost all hope in redemption.

On Monday, I mentioned the sudden economic apostasy indulged in by Senator Marco Rubio in the pages of The Economist. I cautioned that, There’s absolutely no telling what Rubio will feel next month, next year, or a week from this Thursday, for that matter.”


Marco Rubio, a total. empty. suit.
Great for him in a very strange way though; he can chose either of his tax statements for campaign ads when he runs again, after checking which way the wind be a blown’ don’t cha know.


But wait, there’s more! Rick Scott is running to join Rubio in “representing Florida” in the Senate. Now playing on Whoring for Dollars.

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“Christ, what a putz.”

He has sold his soul to the Reputzicans.

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Talk about retracting testicles.

Or, none.

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It’s obvious that Mr Trump’s disease of being a flake is contagious as ‘little’ Marco Rubio is now infected. How many more spineless politicians succumbing remains to be seen. I know it’s really hard in this atmosphere of indeterminate groundedness to know where one stands with respect to the president but a few have to be the adult in the room and stand for…something concrete. Funny how the foreign leaders of designated hostile states are consistently the adult in the proverbial room. We’re in trouble, deep trouble.

But isn’t this a record for Little Marco?

Don’t get me started on Rubio. Florida has been taken over by demented GOP trash. Scott another addition to the cesspool coming soon.

Rubio doesn’t flip or flop he dances about like a taser victim.

Florida has many swamps but all are pastoral landscapes when compared to the sinkhole that is their capital.

When did Rubio have a spine to lose? Most likely someone on high forgot his tip.

The Democrats have caved to the point that one has to seriously wonder about their ability to put up a legitimate national candidate. But nothing in that means that these Republicans are any better.

There are Republicans that the left-progressive-liberal-whatever-we-are wing ought to actively work with. But these are people who are against war, military spending, online surveillance, and loss of civil rights. They’re not Marco Rubio.