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Marcos Redux


Marcos Redux

Christopher Brauchli

But the father answered never a word,
A frozen corpse was he.
— Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, The Wreck of the Hesperus

We interrupt election news just long enough to bring you breaking news of Ferdinand Marcos, deceased. As corpses’ sojourns go, his has been one of the most enduring, due in large part to the devoted attention of his wife, Imelda. To long time readers of this column, apologies are in order since some of what is described today was reported ten years ago in this very space.


Fidel Ramos, who was president when I first started coming to the Philippines in 1992, was probably the most competent and capable of the Philippine presidents. He is said to have been the person who, acting behind the scenes, prevented Corazon Aquino from being overthrown by several coup attempts after she assumed the presidency after the "People Power" revolution.

I watched several Ramos press conferences during my first visit and was impressed, something a politician has ever done to me. During one I remember him saying he wanted to be "a hands on problem solving president." I wish we had someone like that running for President of the USA.


Perhaps they should make a hanging mobile or other art project out of Imelda's shoes and hang it in the Ronny Raygun Library ?

Foot traffic at the Library would increase dramatically.


The only way the new president. Duterte, can get by with committing this crime against the Philippine people without being mobbed and possibly murdered is because so many of the people who would remember the Marcos dictatorship and its crimes are now dead. That and the fact that the country's population has increased by one fourth to one third since he died, so the young people just don't know how opposite he was to a hero. Count upon a gigantic earthquake as all of those dead people roll over in their graves at the same time.


I was assuming the thought the "Marcos Redux" of the title was was going to be Duterte - and this article was going to contain some much needed criticism of him. Oh well....


Love the name, by the way. Did you know that Fidel Ramos was a member of that not-quite-peace-loving organization, the Carlyle Group? I don't know what they are up to today, but at one time they were buying up every weapons manufacturer they could get their fingers into. Seems a little strange that the President of a country would be investing in war and misery, but we have had a couple of our own doing the same thing.