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Marginalized Communities Could Be 'Shortchanged' for Decades to Come by Trump's Abrupt Change to Census Deadline, Critics Say

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/10/marginalized-communities-could-be-shortchanged-decades-come-trumps-abrupt-change


And yet, not a peep about this Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Tom Perez, or anybody in the Democratic hierarchy.
It’s like they want to lose.


Losing is more profitable for demodogs and they can’t accountable


We see the Post Office and Census intentionally destroyed, the judiciary packed with right-wingers, public lands and everything else up on the auction block, and feel trapped in this failed state. But, contrary to the Iron Lady Dictum, there is an alternative, isn’t there? We aren’t necessarily stuck with “a long train of abufes and uferpations, all purfueing invariably the same end” forever. It’s not just the bums who need to be thrown out, you see, it’s the whole rotten system.

Our kleptocracy, like Lebanon’s, is incapable of being salvaged. The American system of inverted totalitarianism, as the political philosopher Sheldon Wolin called it, must be eradicated if we are to wrest back our democracy and save ourselves from mass extinction.

We need to echo the chants by the crowds in Lebanon calling for the wholesale removal of its ruling class — kulyan-yani-kulyan — everyone means everyone.



Seems that the census needs to be redone once Trump is gone, due to Trump’s malicious incompetence, like his (mis)handling of so many other regular features of the federal government.


There is no doubt that they want to lose.

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They will redo it in ten years.

A redo next year is more in order.


Trump’s not smart enough to come up with this on his own, my guess is this came from one sh!t stain, good little Nazi, Steven Miller.

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But they wont do it because that would admit that we were defrauded. Both parties scheme depends on us not realizing they are defrauding us and stealing the country’s future policy space, permanently.

besides the treaties which are stealing our right to vote for practically every change of an economic nature. The Dems and the GOPS have some kind of deal, isnt it clear?

Its to hide the GATS and similar, especially but I am sure its much more than that.

For example, they are trading away the right to have both directions in policy changes - (See ~https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHIfSfb-RvM at 5:55 ) locking in all R changes into stone forever, most of the changes being made now cant be reversed by voting because - being covered by treaties, they give rights and soon the rights to do jobs in perpetuity to foreign countries and corporations. Thise rights vest when certain triggering events occur, silently.

Watch this. ~https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHIfSfb-RvM



Here you can see where the sheme begun, discussed… See where it mentions the meeting in Punta Del Este Uruguay on 15-20 September, 1986 ? Thats the scheme we’re dealing with today, its a scheme to remake the entire world for the oligarchy. It eventually became the WTO Services agreement. 'GATS"

“A/RES/44/232. Trends in the transfer of resources to and from the developing countries and their impact on the economic growth and sustained development of those countries”


This document may have moved and have a new URL, search on their site by its number or title.


What was once a country with potential, now a marginalized country is not alone in its efforts to control the masses. I have ties to Denmark and their government started to wreck the postal service before 2017 when I last visited. Denmark now has several private companies handling mail in an uncentralized system. Also I read in 2018 that their government passed legislation where they have access to individual spending from their checking account with limits on how much they can spend or not spend dependent on the “economy” and its fluctuations.They have instituted a system of fines to use to control spending. With the trend to delete the use of cash and being just about forced to use credit cards it becomes easy for governments to control individual spending. The entire world is in control of “the banks”

Since The Libertarians preach that big government is “bad” perhaps those that are working toward sustainable, off the grid communities may have the best approach.

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Hi poiticscorner:
Yes, a whole Iot of Trump decrees need to be reversed----and improved. We reaIIy can’t Have , a man without a brain becoming more and more Andrew Jackson- Iike every moment-------.

At 37% responding in Starr County.
Perhaps border jumpers are afraid.
Perhaps the local politicians are republicans.
Maybe residents do not even know what
benefits come into their local communities
such as education, water, roads.

Why doesn’t this article say whether Trump’s shortening time for the Census is even legal? He has the unilateral right to do this? I hope another reader will respond to this question, because the writers didn’t seem to think of it.

Just look at the cabinet members who have a job to run a government agency which they had spent much effort to destroy even before they were appointed to run that government agency and their appointment was approved by that shitty “bipartassin congress” So from the very beginning of the present regime, the occupant of the WH has been doing whatever he wants without being held accountable. Is it legal ? What does that mean today? After all the people of this country or at least 61million voted for a man who said that he can grab’em by the Pu&&y and fire a gun at someone on fifth avenue and not be held accountable. Why ? because we have a gangster government and it is time for us to admit it is legal for them to do whatever they please or else what?

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Mary: There is absolutely nothing redemptive about Libertarianism unless…you are filthy rich. In America, if Libertarianism is the goal, and it’s been a goal of those on the right, then expect America to be that of a 3rd world country. We are on track right now, especially under 45. There will be the very rich. There will be the very poor-- which will be the vast majority of us. There will be a very small upper-middle class (the so-called white collar workers, professional class). There is nothing to be wistful, or hopeful or humane about Libertarianism. Military and police are the only parts of government that will exist.

As for privatization of our USPS, like every other corporation which would take it over, expect much higher prices for everything, no accountability if you don’t get your mail, or your mail is no longer private. It will be a nightmare. The old saying, “You never know what you have until it’s gone” will be what almost all Americans will be saying then.

The jobs have already been committed to firms in the developing countries, (look up the LDC Services Waiver) so even if our people are going to be unemployed for the rest of their lives, and starving, at least its “for a cause”.


Read the post I just made about at least it being “for a cause”.

The European Union like the US signed onto the GATS. These changes are supposed to let the countries that do labor more efficiently do the labor, and let countries like us design microchips and rocket ships and handle the entertainment law and basically do all the very high profit things that require PhD level education and higher. The low profit things we’re basically giving away to the countries whose firms do them most efficiently. India may be the back office of the world, China is the factory of the world. This change has been planned for >30 years. It doesnt help the poor but it does help the well educated people whose families have the most clout in poor countries.

Arent we generous?