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Marianne Williamson: Challenging the Status Quo in 2020

Marianne Williamson: Challenging the Status Quo in 2020

Robert C. Koehler

Reparations for slavery? Upending militarism and waging peace? Taking climate change seriously? Getting carbon out of the atmosphere and fossil fuel money out of the EPA? Valuing healing over punishment in our disastrous criminal justice system? Ending mass incarceration?

Bringing all this up — and much, much more — in a presidential race?

"Join with me for a year," cries Marianne Williamson. "of talking about things that matter!"


Thank you Bob Koehler!
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What a breath of fresh air, Marianne. We need her words out there and her passion. It will elevate this discussions among all candidates just like what Bernie does. It will enlighten more Americans.

Thank you.


To “…keep democracy alive…”

Might be a bit late for that, but a resurrection effort I could get excited about.


i would love to see marrianne williamson lift the public discussion out from the cellar… ‘jujudahl’ mentioned bernie’s success, but during the last election, the mass media chose to ignore his campaign… how do we break through that brick wall?

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Wow, how wonderful that Marianne is bringing up these issues. Wouldn’t it be nice if an actual member of Congress might run for president and actually submit legislation along these lines? I suspect if such a person existed that Koehler would be writing similarly glowing articles about such a candidate and Common Dreams would be publishing them constantly.

I shake myself and wake up. What a day dream. If we’re going to see Tulsi Gabbard promoted here to counter the lies spread about her, it’s going to have to happen in the comments.

Tulsi is only hundreds of donors away from being on the debate stage.

She’s creating a civil rights movement for the soul of humanity.

Politics is our spirituality demonstrated .Marianna knows that all solutions are ultimately spiritual in nature .A breath of fresh air …


Thank you for this article. If you are reading this please consider helping Marianne get to the debate stage with a contribution. She requires thousands more unique donors to ensure that her invaluable message reaches the National stage. This is a moment when a small contribution can make a huge impact! Thank you!


Thank you for this article. I have been very inspired for the last few months, since a friend told me about MW’s campaign. She is offering a fierce, powerful, and much-needed critique of the status-quo, and calling for a people’s non-violent revolution, to reclaim our power back from the new aristocracy. She’s also teaching the public about the history of black Americans in this country, post Civil War, in a way that draws applause from mostly white audiences in Iowa and New Hampshire in response to her call for reparations. That alone is a minor miracle…