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Marie Antoinette Stages a Comeback on Capitol Hill


Marie Antoinette Stages a Comeback on Capitol Hill

Marie Antoinette

She's back — in all her out-of-touch glory.

More than 225 years after losing her head to a guillotine, Marie Antoinette has made a grand re-entrance into the halls of power.

With her reattached head holding up a frothy mound of white curls, she descended on Capitol Hill on March 14 to attend a House Oversight Committee hearing. The star witness: billionaire Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross.


Very cool. I hope our “leaders” get some kind of message. This is kind of like the Dicken’s ghost of Christmas Past from “A Christmas Carol.” I hope our leaders can be like Scrooge - wake up to their misdeeds and corruption and change. We might see Wilbur Ross handing out turkeys (paid by him) to poor families in DC next christmas. Or Trump might shovel snow out of some older person’s driveway instead of building a wall. Or he might go to the border and meet and talk to some of the people trying to seek asylum and ask them how he can help. Or he might hold a summit with leaders or central american countries to try to find ways of improving life in central america. But alas -Trump is much like the tin man in the Wizard of Oz singing “If I only had a heart.”


Here is an article that looks at which Americans are really controlling Washington:

“They” will never understand (or care for) “us”.


A pithy summary of how kings traded their crowns for suits in order to keep ruling, with a view toward how we can change it:


Love this, theater vs theater. Exception being that the actors typically in those hallowed halls and their BS decisions actually hurt people and animals and the planet, etc., etc., etc.

Cake is all those people know how to eat. Let them eat commodities.