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Marijuana: From Demonization to Legalization to Celebration


Marijuana: From Demonization to Legalization to Celebration

Jim Hightower

Earlier this year, music legends Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard teamed up to make a pro-marijuana video titled "It's All Going to Pot."


Since any honest economist will admit that the U.S. treasury is essentially bankrupt–living off printed money and debt–it would be quite amazing if a new GREEN revolution in the form of lots of home grown pot led to tax increments that put the nation back into “the black.”

The relaxing of marijuana laws is kind of like allowing a prisoner on Death Row to have his favorite last meal.

Here again, the powers that control our nation continue to direct its resources towards war, trade deals that constitute war by another means, and the sorts of technology-assisted rampages against the natural world that turn us all into virtual Easter Islanders.

Rather than enact a massive course correction (along the lines of an Energy redirected Manhattan Project), they’re allowing the passengers in the lower berths of the Titanic to get high while the ship sinks.

It would be interesting if instead of investing in bombs to use on thousands of civilians, soldiers were instructed (from their top-down chains of command) to smoke joints with “the enemy.”

One area might serve as the Test Case used to compare results of the usual protocol of “bombing civilians and local infrastructure back to the Stone Age,” while the other utilized the more benign policy of collectively getting stoned. After one year, results in both regions would be compared. Could such a passing of the proverbial peace pipe strategy put an end–at last–to war?


“The relaxing of marijuana laws is kind of like allowing a prisoner on Death Row to have his favorite last meal.” Ain’t that the truth!


Many cannot celebrate along with Hightower and Willie since they are incarcerated for doing in the past what Willie, Melissa Ethridge, and other celebrities are doing now in marketing their designer brands of former contraband. What are those celebrities and other millionaires now cashing in on legalized marijuana doing to free the incarcerated (who are also impoverished through civil forfeiture) and to bring their persecutors to justice?


Made me want to light up!

This AM on Al Jazeera, they showed a uniformed kid with a rifle (not worthy of being called a soldier) beating the shit out of a civilian kid in Guatemala. The War on Drugs gives such troglodytes the reasons to execute these abuses.

Conservatives are ultimately responsible for the WOD and the atrocities on all sides carried out in its name.


And then the cartels realized they could turn the whole legalization mess around by buying off U.S. politicians…

They ran the numbers and discovered, as had so many businesses before them, that politicians paid a higher return on investment than anyone else.

They set about buying back the markets they’d lost in Colorado, Washington and Alaska.

Federal raids/arrests commenced shortly afterward.

Note: One reason this might not happen is the 1% may have decided they’d rather have disgruntled citizens home smoking pot and talking about revolution instead of out on the streets doing something about it.


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Siouxrose11, you are making more sense every day.


thanks for the article and thank you, Merle and Willie!


You doing bong hits?