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Marijuana Reform Takes Stride Forward With Sen. Chuck Schumer's Announcement of Federal Decriminalization Bill


Marijuana Reform Takes Stride Forward With Sen. Chuck Schumer's Announcement of Federal Decriminalization Bill

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

In a positive step to address the failed war on drugs, the Senate's top Democrat, Chuck Schumer of New York, announced Friday that he will soon put forth legislation to effectively decriminalize marijuana at the federal level, calling it "the right thing to do for America."


It’s “High Time” the laws are changed.

This simple plant holds the key to so many uses, from Medicine to Paper Products and Oil.

The numbers of jobs that could be created from it’s usage, could literally help save our local economy in many parts of the country.

It truly is a Magical Plant.


This would so simplify the growing of hemp and the countless products denied our populace for centuries. The fibre, the seeds, the fact that there are so many uses could be a boon small industry revivals. Ecologically one of the best crops around.


Happy 4-20 everyone :slightly_smiling_face

Maybe we could once again here Canary’s sing? Since they took the seeds out of bird food the birds sing less. There always is an up-side with the “Amazing Weed”.

The other up-side is in research and development. Other countries are way ahead of us with regards to finding out all the great things this “weed” does. They are just short of astounding. This science must not be ignored if these wacko rulers want a peaceful population while they rob us blind.


This is excellent news on many levels. Now the states need to stop honoring 3 strikes as well as many more things including the gov spying on us, nabbing people they feel might be illegal aliens, etc. We should all stop paying taxes until our constitution is back - it was suspended after 911 because the patriot acts were illegal under it so couldn’t be passed with it. States need to stop recognizing that gov that isn’t under our constitution. Technically they don’t even exist without our constitution. Nor does the president or congress.


Here’s to hoping this is real, and not a scam. I know, I’m the skeptic, having a felony conviction for possession will do that to you. I noticed in the bill by Booker, marijuana is spelled wrong, how will that effect the bill and why was it done ? Yes I know there are different ways to spell it, but the spelling in this article has been the norm for years. Why is it different in the bill ? As far as Schumer, why didn’t he co-sponsor the bill ? Is this an attempt to muck up the new legislation ? I hope I’m just being paranoid, nobody wants the weed freed more than me.
If this is true, we need to somehow get the corporations from taking it over. It’s easy to grow, and unlike some state grow laws, the people aren’t allowed, not cool.


Earlier this week I caught the tail end of a story about the Senate passing a bill to legalize hemp. Haven’t seen anything else about it since. You’re on target as to the many uses, and great for the environment, if grown organically.


Not to take anything away from a hard-working grifter, but this move of Schumer’s seems even more disingenuous than usual—getting his bill past a Republican House, a Republican Senate, and Twitler with veto pen clutched in his tiny fist seems unlikely, to say the least. But it will play well to those who still cling to the hope that Brand D is on their side.


It may not be as simple as it sounds. It is not just legal but regulated and that is proving to be a challenge. But just from the perspective of taxation adding another set of taxes on a consumer level would be a concern.
Note there is lower tax rate for medical uses but all rates are significant.


There are other taxes and fees for growers that are putting some people out of business, This has the potential to end up in the hands of large corporations.


That Schumer is going to beat the Republicans to the punch by decriminalizing pot should not save his corrupt ethnically beholden ass, but it might.

Direct Democracy


Hey Fern, doesn’t Canada look Grand from here :-))) What a nice job they are doing with such a complex subject. If you love something set it Free :-):heart_eyes:


Gee I hadn’t thought about it. I suppose so. I love native plants because they are so resilient, they still live according to their own life cycle. Happy Earth Day Ditton. :earth_americas: