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'Mark of Shame on All Our Societies': UN Finds More Women Killed by Domestic Violence Than Any Other Crime


'Mark of Shame on All Our Societies': UN Finds More Women Killed by Domestic Violence Than Any Other Crime

Julia Conley, staff writer

In a quarter of the world's countries, no laws exist protecting women and girls from what a new United Nations study says is the crime most likely to kill them: violence perpetrated by their intimate partners and family members.

Marking the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, the U.N. Office on Drugs and Crime on Sunday released a global study on homicide, focusing on gender-related killings, and revealed that out of 87,000 women who were murdered around the world in 2017, 58 percent of them were killed by family members or partners.


Apparently, violence against American women is acceptable to our the Trump administration and its rubber-stamp Republican Congress. The 1994 Violence Against Women act will expire if it is not reauthorized by December 7, and there has been no move to do so. It is our shame that the supposedly most advanced society in the history of the world cannot protect the majority of its citizens against domestic violence.


And how easy it is to kill. An oil worker with 2 daughters and a pregnant wife-----but not able to deal with this life, as his affair is much more important. So he strangles his 2 little daughters in their beds and shoots his wife . He hides the dead little girls in oil barrels and I think he buried his dead wife…and yet, he was worried about getting the death penalty and lucky him, he gets life in prison Oh my—well strangling your 2 little daughters in their beds… I don’t think he’ll do well in prison-----he’ll probably get the death penalty anyway from someone inside who takes offense at his murders.


Yes, the court of last resort. It sometimes picks up where the criminal justice system leaves off (the abominable state of our mental health services is a closely related subject).


so when do we get to talk about why women prefer abusive men


when do you post less & learn more? sounds like the typical victim-blaming one hears when women are subjected to vioelce. How about asking a question still too-rarely asked: WHY do SOME MEN feel they have a RIGHT to CONTROL women through VIOLENCE?