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Mark Pocan on Democrats Taking Charge and Holding Trump to Account


Mark Pocan on Democrats Taking Charge and Holding Trump to Account

John Nichols

Mark Pocan enters the 116th Congress as one of the most outspoken, engaged and powerful progressives in the United States. The town of Vermont Democrat will co-chair the Congressional Progressive Caucus, the largest values-based group of House Democrats.


“Paul Ryan gave up responsibility for oversight” implies that Ryan and Congress were asleep at the wheel when they actually rapidly and serially concocting legislation benefiting the 1% at the expense of the 99%, knowing that Trump’s first two years would be the greatest opportunity the GOP has ever had to promote their fascist agenda.


On withdrawal from Syria:

"POCAN: … I think that when the chief supporter of the president’s action is Vladimir Putin — given everything we know about the relationship with Russia and the United States — there’s some cause for concern in what otherwise would be a celebration.

We want to return troops home from lots of different places. We want to see a defense budget that gets significantly trimmed back. … I have just a little bit of hesitation because this president’s given us no reason to have any trust in his decisions."

This is where I stopped reading.


Yeah, go get 'em, Rep. Pocan.
In my view, the main reason that Democrats are more aligned with Republicans than not, is that they are obliged to keep favor with (deep-pocketed) corporations. It is not for nothing that the Supreme Court codified the insane notion that a corporation is a person, thereby further entrenching corporate power and influence.


Yep…weasel words.


Yeh. It seems to be a pattern. If you go to his campaign website, there is no section on issues (which would imply taking stands on specific things). His biography does go on for quite a bit and he seems to be a great guy. And he’s friends with his predecessor Tammy Baldwin, so what-the-hell. Proves he keeps (faux) progressive company. I look forward to both of them backing the watered-down “Medicare-for-All” and ignoring the U.S. capitalist empire as it continues to ravage people around the globe and the biosphere itself.


Until the people gain a larger share of political and economic power, the influence of one faction of a party in one house of Congress won’t make much difference. The outcome of the last election is one step down a long road. Optimism is an energizing emotion that spurs action that may lead to redressing the many wrongs that have been perpetuated on the people for so long. However, expectations for significant change in the next two years should be restrained.


He pretends to be a progressive and favors Pay-Go. Something is wrong there.