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Mark Ruffalo, Michael Moore Lead Protest Against 'Absolutely Racist' Trump

Mark Ruffalo, Michael Moore Lead Protest Against 'Absolutely Racist' Trump

Jake Johnson, staff writer

On the heels of President Donald Trump's "unhinged" press conference Tuesday, filmmaker Michael Moore arranged for buses to transport the audience of his broadway show "The Terms of My Surrender" to Trump Tower to protest the president's defense of white supremacists and mourn the death of Heather Heyer.


“In the end we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends” – Martin Luther King jr

There can be no compromise with evil…… compromise equals capitulation and complicity!

If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention!

If you’re not active, you’re part of the problem!


To this point I would have allowed the Trump the benefit of a doubt. Murder one isn’t one of them. I couldn’t look past Wako for Clinton, Kent and Ohio state for Nixon. Vietnam for Johnson and Nixon. Murder one Donny…fake presidency.


“…an American that was killed by a Nazi on American Soil.”

And the President of the United States DEFENDS them?


Trump family racism and bigotry (beside arrogant greed) goes way back - Woody Guthrie wrote lyrics about trumps father - “old man trump” - in the early "50’s.

The nuts don’t fall far from the tree…

See also “Trump’s position on Charlottesville has become even more pro-Nazi” in linked New Republic


Isn’t it a pity that we all missed the baseball bat, gun toting, helmeted, steel knuckled lefties? I didn’t see a single one. I didn’t see any violence except on the part of the racist-right. It looked a lot like scenes from Palestine with unarmed Gazans being attacked by fully armed IDF soldiers. Let’s build a statue of Heather Heyer!


Thanks Mark and Michael for leading the protests . . . . would be nice to see those that helped pave the way for Trumpism at the front lines of these protests as well. That would include the DNC, the Clintons and MSM that gave Trump free air time during the campaign. CNN et al are boo hoo—ing today yet: http://www.mrc.org/media-reality-check/cnn-prime-time-covers-trump-3x-more-all-others-combined

The writing was on the wall regarding Trump.

Anyone with any ability to think critically or just think at all knew he is—always has been----- a racist, malignant narcissist. To throw him at a populace (so much for the “pied piper strategy”) with racial tensions/bigotry seething below the surface was bound to result in what we are watching unfold today.

This country was founded on genocide/slavery and destruction of ecosystems.

Blowback happens.

Let us not forget:

“while the Clinton camp was facilitating the rise of Trump, it was systematically undermining the campaign of Sen. Bernie Sanders, Clinton’s left-wing opponent.

Leaked emails from the Democratic National Committee show that the organization, which is supposed to be bound to impartiality, sabotaged Sanders’ insurgent presidential campaign, which had mobilized millions of people and inspired a massive grassroots movement.
Sanders, a self-described Democratic socialist, repeatedly warned in the primary that he would have a greater chance of defeating Trump. Poll after poll showed that he would have beaten Trump in the general election by wide margins. Instead, his candidacy was repressed — and now Clinton has lost to Trump.”


Looking abroad for perspective - this is an informative article.

But looking at developments from here, I cannot see a functioning democracy in the US - at all - not at the federal level.

It was pretty transparent during Trump’s campaign who he was. He didn’t try to hid it except during some speeches that he read off a teleprompter. Why are people still expecting him to act any different? When he hired Steve Bannon as his campaign manager that was about as clear a signal as you can get.


If We the People of this great country are not prepared to storm Washington and remove these monsters, we must from this day on shout for all the world to hear our resounding message,



Oops, Fareed Zakaria! Remember your anti-constitutional screed the day Trump became President, when he violated international laws and the U. S. Constitution by launching those 59 missiles? The hypocrisy of the Press is breath taking. Hey Fareed, remember, your shameful remarks-- after Charlottesville, Fareed, Is Trump still presidential?
All Trump has to do to be accepted again with the establishment is to drop a few bombs.


A few people have kicked around the “i” word, and there have been arrests of Muslims on terrorism charges for defending al Qaeda online. You’d think his vocal support for terrorists who stage armed rebellions and plan for war against large segments of the population would fall under the heading of “treason, high crimes and misdemeanors”.


Thank you, Caroline, for an excellent post, as well as the links.

Thank you, Michael Moore, for always standing for what is right and good.


As someone who has studied Psychology, Anthropology, etc, and media and advertising issues as raised by
the likes of Noam Chomsky and Vance Packard, many people operate on the basis of a social consensus
and its ideals rather than in terms of reality itself. There was a study in the last few years about people´s
perception of how rich the rich are, and a large number of Americans underestimate inequality in the US.

I have worked for non-profit activist groups like the PIRGs, followed the campaigns of similar groups like
Greenpeace and Oxfam, and learned about the importance of economic activism and social entrepreneurship,
especially the co-operative business model, ecological economics, and notions of society like the “co-operative

All that makes for free and constructive thinking by an independent and interdependent person linked to community. That´s where the Green Party lies, and clearly is where the Democratic Party has not gone,
except for Bernie and others who have disappeared. Without that, people are stuck in a mainstream media mental box that has become entangled and confused with reality. Wow, pass the popcorn, I wonder what happens next?

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Trump is not the President of the United States; Trump is the President of the fascist states of America! The fact that Trump continues to defend his base…proves it!

Excellent! We need millions of good people to be active and come together; otherwise, the future looks bleak. Silence is not golden, it is treason! Millions of “good Germans” were silent when Hitler came to power and we cannot afford to let that happen again!


My own guess is that many people who supported Trump do not like the KKK, neo-Nazis, etc, but even like liberalism less. I think many of these people are angry about things like legalized abortion, gay rights, gun control laws, and large government social programs that they believe (mistakenly) only benefit minorities and particularly African Americans. The latter is especially important with regards to your point. I think the big problem is not so much mainstream media but lies, which are spread so easily on the internet. It is less that people are going along with the consensus view and more that because of all the lies they are bombarded with they cannot separate the truth from the lies. Many people believed those fake news stories coming out Macedonia. People were writing those stories strictly to make money. With enough hits the can make some pretty good money just making up nonsense stories on the internet. People who rely strictly on their Facebook news feeds for new are particularly vulnerable.

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These are trying times and the miscreants are coming out of the woodwork because they’ve been emboldened by Trump and his racists minions, Bannon, Miller, and Sessions just to name a few. They’ve always existed but of late they have become much more in the spotlight. Fight back; don’t let them carry out their nefarious agendas, resist; this can’t be viewed by the masses as the norm, not by a long shot.

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The runs for the presidency by George Wallace and Pat Buchanan should have been a warning that this could happen. What stopped Wallace and Buchanan was neither could get the nomination of a major party. Trump succeeded in getting the nomination of the Republican Party and then anything could happen and unfortunately did. Many people vote based on party loyalty. When you combine all those people with the Wallace vote and the ability to win with a minority of votes because of the electoral college the disaster that has occurred was not that improbable. It may be the end of the United States as we know it. It may also be the end of the planet as we know it. The election of 2016 may have been the moment when all was lost. Dark forces have been unleashed. Americans who really are good people need to take this very seriously and not assume that somehow all will be well.