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Mark Zuckerberg Doesn’t Understand Journalism


Mark Zuckerberg Doesn’t Understand Journalism

Adrienne LaFrance

Mark Zuckerberg wants you to know that he cares, really cares, about journalism.

“I view our responsibility in news as two things,” he said in a wide-ranging conversation with a small group of news editors and executives assembled in Palo Alto for a journalism gathering known as Off the Record on Tuesday afternoon. “One is making sure people can get trustworthy news.”

The other, he said, “is building common ground in society.” It turns out that “common ground” is suddenly Zuckerberg’s preferred euphemism. (That, and “community.”)


The (not so) new “media” model:

Ye shall not know the truth so the truth shall not set ye free.


More likely, he doesn’t care. Just like his fellow Owners. They simply do not have to.


With new buzz words like “common ground”, and “community”, and his new friends in congress, beware. Zuckerberg has his eyes on something big he wants. He’s a little con artist, more low key than Trump, but a con artist through and through.


Zuckerberg is the Emperor with no clothes. There is no there there. His authority derives from his wealth gained in large part by intellectual theft and ruthless business practice. In any sane society he would be a pariah not a pundit or arbiter of trends. His news model of aggregating opinion and seeking an average could not be more wrong as we can all see since that is the model that many traditional news sources have degenerated into already.
The all purpose potion for making any field of human endeavor worse than it already is, just add a little Zuckerberg.


Mark Zuckerberg is so wealthy that money has become pointless except as a means to accrue power. People in this class will eventually know that, despite their wealth, they are mortal and will die someday. So like the robber barons of old (Rockefeller, DuPont, and Ford–to name but a few) they will start tax-exempt foundations and hope to promote and expand the legend of their miserable existences into perpetuity.