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Markey Bill, Backed by Sanders and Warren, Moves to Abolish Qualified Immunity for Cops 'Once-and-for-All'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/02/markey-bill-backed-sanders-and-warren-moves-abolish-qualified-immunity-cops-once-and


Why don’t they stop calling it, “Qualified Immunity?”

Because it sounds better to the Zombie masses that support Democrats and Republicans than calling it, the "Corporation’s Murderers For Hire Get Our Of Jail Free Card."


while we’re at it, immunity for criminal misconduct needs to be revoked for prosecutors and judges, too, as there have been many instances of innocent defendants being wrongly convicted and wrongly kept in prison thanks to them. the headline news series DEATH ROW STORIES has highlighted several such instances, as have other sources. it seems the whole criminal ‘justice’ system is set up to facilitate frame ups, and resist doing the right thing.


The photo here is worth a thousand words. These well adorned cops have enough riot gear to head into WW3.
The protesters should have available to them the same tax payer funded equipment to protect themselves from crazed riot police.
This is how it starts. A push here, and a push back there, and we are off to the races. (no pun intended.)


If nothing else is done in the name of justice for all, please, let this be done. I cannot bear hearing of another man, woman, or child being snuffed out by arrogant, ignorant police/thugs because of their fear and hatred of black or brown folks. Enough already.


. . . and to turn criminals loose if – like Roger Stone & Michael Flynn – they have friends in high places.

ALL public officials and employees should be held – legally – to a higher standard of ethical behavior, and those who violate their public trust should be locked up in public view where they can be jeered and harassed for months, years and even decades depending on the seriousness of their crimes.


Lets also eliminate paid vacations for cops when they commit a crime on duty, AKA as “paid administration leave”.

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