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Marking 10 Years, WikiLeaks Says 'October Surprises' Coming...Soon


Marking 10 Years, WikiLeaks Says 'October Surprises' Coming...Soon

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

During a press conference in Berlin on Tuesday, the media organization WikiLeaks touted 10 years of drawing the veil of secrecy away from governments and businesses worldwide while also confirming that a new batch of documents—specifically targeting the U.S. government and internet giant Google—will be released over the next two months.


This could have been an old recording. Assange might be captured already and this is all done to discredit him or to fool us all..


"...or I don't like Hillary Clinton, all those are false."

Considering there's records of her wanting to assassinate him for going about his usual business, there'd be something very wrong if he didn't at least dislike her.


Post Edit: Mistaken Reply. I meant to reply in general. Sorry about that.


You know, the funny thing is that this sort of speculation about assange being threatened is also going on at breitbart. You actually have a lot more common ground than you may think, in that you are united by your desire not to see hillary win.

With all due respect, I get the impression that they see disaffected bernistas as useful idiots for electing Trump, and who may one day see the light and come around to their racist demagogue. That's just my impression of their activities though.


I can understand there be "Security Concerns" as mentioned in this article. I am concerned for both Julian Assange, U.S. and global security, tensions with Russia, China and other countries.

The Democratic Party core ideology seems to be trade deals such as the TPP -- Neoliberalism (empowers elitist, the 1%) a push for globalization, new world order.

There are also concerns about the DNC disgrace (leading to resignations), and dirty tricks such as Voter Purging. I have provided legit sources in my previous comments about this. I think many people here are aware of these issues.

Other concerns is "Propaganda" and for example, "Voting For The Lesser of the Two Evils" (spin), which is "Emotional Blackmail." --- Point is, if people want to vote for i.e. Jill Stein to give the Green Party a more solid standing by 2020, then that is their choice and right.

I support Jill Stein. Respect for the environment and all of life.


Assange gamed the entire Trump campaign organization and it's dopey supporters just for chuckles.
If it was that easy for Assange to screw with Trump then think how much easier it will be for anyone with more power and freedom to do the same thing.
And Hillary is as dumb as Trump is.


The "October Surprise" leak seems like a publicity stunt to get Wikileaks back in the news. The more coverage it gets the better for Assange's ego.


Security concerns seems like a red flag. My guess is he was threatened or the embassy was threatened. We should never underestimate the power and reach of the Clinton machine.
I'm disappointed though, was really looking forward to the stake in the heart he promised. But his safety is important if we expect to see more from him.


This election is over and Hillary is the winner.
So why waste your ammunition on a battle that's already won? Or lost depending on one's perspective.
Better to drop a few bombs on the winner after the election don't you think?


People like to compare Trump to Hitler.
It's more accurate to compare Trump to Al Capone.


Or a Gary Johnson without the hookah, or Hulk Hogan

GOP campaign tactics are reminiscent of European fascism while the Democrats' tactics are a more refined, subtle, feel good fascism.

The choice remains the same, cut my left leg off or cut my right leg off...some choice.

Assange is simply interjecting a few facts into a race devoid of facts and heavy on hyperbole.


Quick, get your info to Alex Jones. This could be huge!


Alex Jones awaits your call.


It sounds like you know Alex Jones fairly well? Almost like you listen to him on a regular basis?
Do you? And why would you?


Been a sucker all your life?


Assange had nothing. Which proves he had something. The irrefutable logic of a Trump Progresssive.


Well, you know if Alex Jones is staying up late to broadcast something, it's likely worthless.
And so it went. But Wiki should've been emphatic in denying there would be any "surprises" coming out of what was just an anniversary presser and, essentially, an appeal for donations. And I think that's why they let this rumor run so wild, and I think that was a bad pr move by Assange and co.

Nevertheless, there is still a dump forthcoming, and even if the highlights weren't part of the conference call, there's likely to be lots of juicy tidbits in there anyway.

Do we really need anymore information than we already have to decide about this election? People are dug in and heavily invested at this point, and very little is going to change that.


You're capable of big leaps, aren't you? I've heard of Drudge too. Tell me more.


Alex Jones uses conspiracies to enhance his ratings and one has to take with a grain of salt his conspiracy stories.

Your post was meant as satire....sorry.