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Marking 15th Anniversary of US Invasion of Iraq, A Global Call for Peace


Marking 15th Anniversary of US Invasion of Iraq, A Global Call for Peace

Jake Johnson, staff writer

With this week marking the 15th anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq, thousands of people from more than a dozen countries on Sunday will join foreign policy experts and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) in a live video call to discuss ongoing conflicts, soaring military tensions across the globe, and "how we can tip the balance toward peace."


This should be “wake up call” time for all Americans.

War is killing our country.


Peace? It ain’t gonna happen. Too many people making too much money on killing. Torture, soon to be a bread and butter item on everyone’s table with this new CIA director. We have fallen over folks. Forget about, move, leave, get outta Dodge while you can.


You’ll have to forgive me, I’m a little confused. These individuals and groups are making a global call for peace only now that Trump is president? What about all the acts of aggression and murder, regime change, funding ISIS, arming the terrorists committed by the Obama administration that paved the way for Trump to be doing what he’s doing now??? And what about Bernie? From what I’ve read he supports all the demonization of Russia/Putin. How does that square with a Global Call for Peace??


The pro-war left(sic) have come up with a juvenile smear word for anti-war activists-Tankies".




15 years. 15 long years of death and greed. Trillions of dollars wasted, millions of lives, mostly civilian lost for nothing but big egos and profit for a few oligarchs. This is what we have become. Worse, we have put in power the most radical, ignorant conmen and religious fanatics to be found anywhere…then increased their already astronomical military budget and provided them with a few more extra-constitutional powers to oppress the people. What could possibly go wrong.


You ain’t seen nothing yet:)


You’re talking about the past and yes we do need to learn from past mistakes. I agree that the last five Presidents have finance and orchestrated these wars but what does that have to do with now. We have to start somewhere


It’s frustrating. I agree, stronger and more calls for peace should have/should happen but we can’t give up.

This talk of Russian involvement is a distraction from many things including what we learned from wikileaks. Regarding Bernie, any talk I’ve seen from him about Russia has been a quick response (I know that’s aggravating, too) but then he goes on to what concerns him most, i.e. all the things he’s been bringing up and trying to change for years (which is like holding back a tsunami with one sand bag). The only mention I see of “alleged” Russian meddling in our elections on Bernie’s website is an article which highlights voter suppression we created: https://www.sanders.senate.gov/newsroom/must-read/anti-voter-laws-worse-than-russian-meddling

I haven’t seen this Russia/Putin demonization you speak of on (his) twitter feed:


Do “not” underestimate the youth of this country.

Our years here are short. Theirs are much longer.


War is state sanctioned murder. Always. For greed, for profit and power, exploiting people’s fears. The global mindset needs to change through people’s consciousness that there is nothing ‘patriotic’ about war and that it only serves its masters. Imagine there is a war and no one shows up…



And its absolutely hypocritical for Bernie to be one of the faces of this movement. Not only has he consistently supported the most expensive military hardware program in human history(F-35); even though he opposed the Iraq invasion, he has consistently supported ‘supplemental’ appropriations for off-book military spending, has remained generally silent on the nuclear threat, has not stood up to the ‘Dem’ leadership on the party’s naked militarism and jingoism, etc.

And as you mention, he’s been one of the leading Russia-baiters, a truly dangerous (for the world) thing to do. He id not Jeremy Corbin, a historically consistent anti-war activist.

Also, Bernie’s support of ‘gun rights’ feeds into the U.S. culture of killing and hunger for global domination.

And by the way, he votes with the Dems about 98% of the time. This is a party which is running almost 50% of its Congressional candidates from the military/intelligence establishment.



When me and millions more in the US, and around the globe, protested the most egregious shocking and awful invasion of Iraq that was a wake-up call for me that I was living not in a democracy but a military dictatorship! Dim son called us a " focus group"! I realized it would not have mattered how many millions protested, it would not have made any difference.

And what more proof does one need that the war criminals like Bush, Powell, Cheney and too many others to list, have been found to have lied about WMD’s? And have never been held accountable for their murderous war crimes.

It is commendable this global call for peace, but it seems to me, that no matter how many call for peace IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN! Because Amerika is a totalitarian, fascist, state… like some have said: THE FOURTH REICH!


Sooooo true. I would only add; wrapped in a pretty flag!


Once the 03 invasion of Iraq was allowed to proceed, most of us with ANY intelligence knew it would be nearly impossible for the U.S. to extract itself from Middle East engagement probably for the rest of our lives. It’s now approaching two decades.
The fact that the New York Times and the overwhelming majority of media and congress endorsed the invasion is still an evil omen. So many millions here and around the world said no. And not just any “no.” The no of all nos. From a U.S. historical, “karmic” if you will perspective, Vietnam was basically our last chance to turn back, probably a lot of people agree with that statement.
While I admire any and all discussion and effort to stop (especially the Middle East endless war), I have a feeling it will not end until the United States catches up with it’s own karma-we may have all this military power, but Trump is bankrupting the country. Within two years from the tax “heist” (cuts) I think we will start to bottom out. We could never afford W Bush’s playing army by maiming our and Iraq’s young. The money was/is not there. The way this stops is when people in the U.S realize we are bankrupting what remains of our treasury with it. That’s typically the way many of the wars of history have ended. France did it, Germany and others did it, historically. Looks like it may be our turn this time.


We have been at war w iraq since 1990. Mostly civilians die. Sanctions. That country there was also the iraq - iran war btwn 1980-1988. We funded the war w iraq against iran.

Saddam Hussein was CIA Agent

watch these 2 minutes. Saddam Huessin would still be in power if he did not go against the empire and no war would have happened. The same w gaddafi in libya.
Both countries were going to get off the dollar so therefore we used the 2nd option which is war. This history is never taught and mass media keeps telling lies.


Country wars go back long before Iraq–just most people do not know about them. I found this list – if all true very amazing . Wars go back hundreds of years to the beginning of time I guess.



Anyway, weapons now alot stronger than hundreds of years ago and one mistake and the whole planet is gone. Too many issues on the plate these days and most people are asleep and do not know anything.


" How does that square with a Global Call for Peace??"

Well, the alternative in this, the nuke era, lest there be ET or Divine intervention, is the end of all human life and possibly all animal life on Earth.


WWII was pretty much global and took 5 years … ???

Seems that “illegal wars of aggression” by US seem to take forever …
or is that simply the plan?


I am kind of new here does anyone ever talk about 9-11 and what many people believe really happened or is that a taboo subject.