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Marry Me, Lindsey Graham! 'We Aren't In Love, I Just Want Your Healthcare'


The ACA is under attack for the same reason Trump care is being promoted, money. If you haven’t noticed 90 percent of American are in favor of the ACA and improving it.

No offense but I wouldn’t go to any doctor that described his practice as no different than car insurance.


The people of N.Y., need to make sure they keep Sean Patrick Maloney. He’s got the right idea as far as I’m concerned.


Of course middle class patients want to keep their doctors. They’ve never had to think about people who’ve gotten most their medical care from health clinics or emergency rooms, etc. Or, live by recommended treatments from pharmacists working at Rite-Aid or Walgreen.
Cry me a river. My heart pumps dishwater for your inconvenience. Poor baby. Did you ever stop to think your family physician might be padding his own P/L statement. His practice is a business, after all. Duh!


90%? Where did you get that figure? Sounds just a tad inflated.
As for your statement that regarding doctors care and car insurance, not sure how you came to that conclusion. I encourage you to read that article to the end.
Thanks for talking with me.


In a recent poll 90% of those polled preferred the ACA to Trumpcare.

The physician in the article used that term in describing the doctor consumer relationship. I will try to read the rest of it but I found it very difficult reading.

Thanks to you as well.


I felt very uncomfortable and based on experience (quite a bit of it actually) it reminded me more of trying to buy a used car than obtain health care. It is just not for me.

You raise a very good point though and that is how not-for-profit care would fare in a single payer model. The California bill mentions this as a 30 day option. It really doesn’t address this well. I think it would be like school vouchers and that doesn’t appeal to me or fix the problems we face.


Fern, just a few questions.
Could you site the poll used to make the 90% determination?
Who was the polling company?
What was the sampling ratio?
How can people prefer the ACA over the AHCA when the Republican bill isn’t even written, less on passed?
If thousands will be dying if Obamacare is repealed, how is that thousands weren’t dying before it was passed?
I appreciate you letting me extend the conversation.


I’m sorry I cannot site the specific poll, there are many and I think it was an initial reaction to the proposed bill now in the senate. It was before the GOA report. Still, the last three and most recent polls range from 13 to 17 percent approval. I can get you some additional data if you feel it is important but I think these are random samples. The AHCA bill is available, I heard demonstrators quoting provisions in their senator’s offices.

The bill cuts funds for essential services and increases those cuts over time. It has no viable provision for these services and they are services of last resort. There are various methods to measure how effective our health care system is, for instance the ACA is having a measurable impact, enough to see where changes would be beneficial. Compared to other countries we have a lot of room for improvement and the AHCA is not the answer.


Oooookay, we’ll leave it there. Look forward to talking again. :wink:


Thanks too.