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Martin Luther King Jr asked “Chaos or Community?”


Martin Luther King Jr asked “Chaos or Community?”

Bob Burnett

"It's painful to acknowledge that most of what Dr. King complained about in 1967 remains true in 2017."

There needs to be a new conversation about racism, in specific, and the system of white male privilege, in general.  While economic equality should be one aspect of this conversation, it should also include race, gender, and class.


In my opinion, you miss the fundamental reason things haven’t changed. It’s found right there in the same book. “In the treatment of poverty nationally, one fact stands out: There are twice as many white poor as Negro poor in the United States. Therefore I will not dwell on the experiences of poverty that derive from racial discrimination, but will discuss the poverty that affects white and Negro alike.” What you suggest seems to be more of the same divisive elitist tactics that are already failed. It expresses a tremendous amount of privilege that while projected on all whites is in fact not shared by most.


You need help with statistics, raw numbers, %s and math, etc. Probably a bunch of other things, as well.


That’s why the government murdered him and many others who spoke truth to power.