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Martin Luther King Stood Up For More Than Love


Martin Luther King Stood Up For More Than Love

Jeffery Robinson
King's Poor People’s Campaign addresed human rights around the world.
"Reminding us of the government’s failure to give freed slaves any land while it used affirmative action to help whites take ownership of 50 million acres of land formerly occupied by Native Americans." ((Photo: Wikimedia Commons)


The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. made me a better person by persuasion. Pure brilliance.

(I escaped the bigotry and ignorance of my environment, largely because of him–and there are so many more out there–check this one out http://www.rawstory.com/2018/01/watch-fifth-grader-delivers-jaw-dropping-martin-luther-king-jr-speech-calling-for-an-end-to-poverty-and-homelessness/ .)


According to that quote from MLK, it sounds to me that if Martin was alive today he would tell us to love Trump and be good to him.


Thank you for posting the speech of that young woman. Each time I witness such clarity and soundness of heart I can imagine hundreds of thousands and perhaps millions of young people who do know in their bones what the right thing is, and how to do it, how learn about it and that there are adults likewise who are engaged and engaging because it does take all of us - and there is tremendous joy in fighting the good fight…


All the superlatives apply to Dr. King. HIs courage, his eloquence, his vision–all without equal among world leaders.


He married graciousness with firm resolve and truth-telling.


Very true!